• When Bill Gates Pays a University Through His Friend Epstein (Sex Trafficker) to Call Buildings After Himself

    The closest RMS will ever get to paying (tribute to) the bill

  • Links 12/10/2020: New Linux Release, Pitivi 2020.09

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  • Richard Stallman (FSF) Was Right, Simon Phipps (OSI) Was Wrong

    The misuse of labels with clinically-charged insinuations is strongly being discouraged not only by those trying to control language but also clinicians (it’s considered unfair and professionally unethical to give a medical assessment of people whom you never actually assessed, especially if the goal is to slander them with words like “dyslexia”, “dementia” and “autism”)

  • IRC Proceedings: Sunday, October 11, 2020

    IRC logs for Sunday, October 11, 2020

  • Transcripts of Mr. Boies and Mr. Houck Examining Bill Gates’ Lies

    Techrights is curating and maintaining plain text versions of the Gates deposition of 1998, in which years if not decades of the company’s abuses were scrutinised in a face-to-face fashion

  • Bill Gates Deposition: The Closing Part, Albeit Not the End

    Microsoft’s antitrust violations have the company’s leader (ringleader?) and co-founder quizzed though he’s completely struggling to justify illegal actions for which there’s hard evidence (shown to him, serving to confront his lies and neutralise desperate evasion attempts)

  • Links 11/10/2020: Arch Conf 2020, Plasma 5.20 ‘is Nigh’

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  • The Open Source Initiative Cannot Lecture People on Manners and Tolerance (and Probably Never Could)

    Richard Stallman (RMS) is often on the receiving end of malicious insults unsupported by any clinical analysis; a proper critical analysis suggests that “Open Source” is inherently dishonest (stealing credit for other people’s work) and moreover intolerant

  • Remembering That Free Software Does Not Mean ‘Free’ Market (Deregulation) and It’s Typically a Response to Obscenely Deregulated and Monopolised Markets (Overt Concentration of Power and Therefore Wealth)

    In the same way the Establishment took over the antiwar movement (or pro-peace activism), currently we’re seeing the silent but very swift takeover of freedom-respecting software by those looking to take away that freedom and exploit the free labour of millions of volunteers worldwide

  • When They’re Done Eliminating Our Software Freedom They’ll Eliminate Our Freedom of Speech, Too

    The attack on people’s ability to express views or state facts is growing; it’s a matter of increasing urgency because very innocuous words are nowadays being removed from the (digital) dictionary and people who are outspoken get expelled, even if pertinent facts are on their side and they’re not being rude, just inconvenient to those in positions of power

  • GitHub’s Nat Friedman Defended Proprietary Software at Novell, So Why Not at Microsoft?

    GitHub’s modus operandi explained by Nat Friedman one and a half decades ago; Microsoft’s occupation (in the siege sense) against Free software has come a long way since

  • Bewaring Partisan Reflexes as They Distract From Important Issues Including Software Freedom

    “Lesser evilism” (landscape of voting out of panic, even for people who do not represent the voter’s interest) led to or bred political fanaticism that obscures if not distracts the general public from foremost objectives, such as climate change mitigation, global peace, access to health, food security and digital/tech rights; people bicker and shout at each other while nothing substantial is actually changing

  • IRC Proceedings: Saturday, October 10, 2020

    IRC logs for Saturday, October 10, 2020

  • Trafficking Thousands of Underage Women/Girls for Sex is Not (and Was Never Ever) ‘No Worse Than Stealing a Bagel’

    We’ve assembled a bunch of reports from last October (almost exactly a year ago) because the questions raised in these reports remain unanswered by the parties that are not dead

  • Tolerance in the Age of Shrewd Corporate Entryism/Creep

    Zen of Free software isn’t possible to attain and also secure when people look to disrupt projects by interjecting into them unnecessary divisiveness that did not exist beforehand (until they came)

  • Passive-Aggressive Hypocrisy Defined: CommitChange Seemingly Committed to Corporate Takeover in the Name of Tolerance (Not of Everyone)

    The same people who tried to destabilise the FSF and oust its leader are doing the same thing to the OSI, which is rapidly turning into an advocacy group of proprietary software and monopolies (with openwashing)

  • Conspiracy Theories Have Successfully Distracted From Perfectly Legitimate and Real Scandals of Bill Gates in India, the Fertile Ground for Unethical Mass Experimentation on Humans

    There seems to be shrewd misdirection towards false claims, painting Mr. Gates’ critics as deranged and detached from reality; the facts, however, still exists and they’re still very damning/damaging to Mr. Gates, who views himself as self-appointed, life-long leader of the universe

  • Bill Gates Deposition: A Highly Privileged Thug in ‘Charity’ Clothing

    Antitrust violations and illegal behaviour by Bill Gates and Microsoft never truly stopped; today we examine the eleventh part of the Gates deposition tapes, which will be explained at a later point (in relation to current events)

  • The Activist Ethos for Free Software

    Why it is not the text of software which is free, it is the process of Free Software which is Free

  • Links 10/10/2020: Istio 1.6.12, Wine 5.19 and Wine-Staging 5.19, FreeBSD 12.2 RC2

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  • [Meme] Keeping Radicals Out of the Prison System (Bill Gates Already Arrested Twice, in 1975 and in 1977)

    If prisons can become incubators of radical ideology, then maybe Bill Gates is better off kept out of prison

  • Listening Devices Marketed as ‘Smart’ Speakers (Microphones) and Other ‘Smart’ Stuff Which Does Not Do What They Tell You

    Regressive technology that gives control over our lives to increasingly sociopathic and imperialistic institutions ought not be adopted and popularised; they view themselves as “masters” over our most private parts/aspects of life

  • IRC Proceedings: Friday, October 09, 2020

    IRC logs for Friday, October 09, 2020

  • The Mentality of Cameras (and Sometimes Microphones) Everywhere, as Explained More Than 2 Years Before the Snowden NSA Leaks

    Dr. Richard Stallman explains the nature of ‘smart’ phones/’cellphones’ (or mobile ‘phones’ as we call them in the UK), which nowadays — more than 9 years later — typically come with multiple cameras and a microphone sensitive enough to eavesdrop on entire rooms (we’ve extracted 2:41 until the end of the original clip)

  • Milestone: Almost a Terabyte in a Single Week

    A look back at a record week with about a dozen distributed denial of service attacks (their nature varying from time to time)

  • Microsoft Kills

    People ought to shamelessly and fearlessly point out that Microsoft has already killed far more people than COVID-19 will ever kill

  • [Meme] “There Won’t be Anything we Won’t Say to People to Try and Convince Them That Our Way is the Way to Go.” -Bill Gates

    You need not do anything spectacularly commendable when the media is in your pocket

  • Gates Foundation: the Fake ‘Charity’ That Profits From Microsoft (and Much More) Without Paying Tax

    The Gates Foundation is merely an investment apparatus (tax-exempt hedge fund), enriching a couple of people while they pretend to be distributing away their wealth; the above is a little portion from the latest listing (which does not even include bribes for publishers and other dubious financial transactions)

  • Bill Gates Deposition: The Monopoly Abuse and the Lies Gates Would Rather You Never Saw

    Antitrust violations by Microsoft continue to this day, but the Gates Foundation with its latest profiteering ventures distracts from the crimes of the mastermind, Bill Gates, a chronic liar whom judges condemned and sternly warned about (sociopathic tendencies and God complex)

  • Links 9/10/2020: KDE Plasma Mobile and Garuda Linux “Golden Eagle”

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