• Sinn Féin pair tell of police warning over dissident attack plan

    PSNI reveal threat to Northern Ireland politicians Michelle O’Neill and Gerry KellyPolice have warned Sinn Féin that dissident republicans are planning attacks against two of its leaders in Northern Ireland, the party said on Tuesday.Michelle O’Neill, the party’s vice-president and Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, said she and her party colleague Gerry Kelly, a Policing Board member, received the warning from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

  • China Denies Involvement in Equifax Hack The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has denied any involvement in the Equifax hack that saw the personal data of nearly half of America’s population exposed. Yesterday the United States’ Department of Justice issued a nine-count indictment against four Chinese military personnel in connection with the cyber-attack, which took place from May to July 2017.The US alleges that Wu Zhiyong (吴志勇), Wang Qian (王乾), Xu

  • Year of the Catfish: 27% of Dating Site Users ScammedThe UK banking industry is warning consumers not to fall victim to romance fraud, after revealing that over a quarter (27%) of dating website users have been scammed by fake personas over the past year.Known as “catfishing,” these usually involve a fraudster posing as someone they’re not in order to gain the trust of those looking for love on a dating site.Once they’ve ingratiated themselves, they typically will try to

  • LORCA and Kx Partner to Boost Cyber-Scaleups with Advanced AnalyticsThe London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) has announced a new partnership with Kx to enhance cyber-scaleups through access to advanced data processing capabilities.LORCA is a government-backed program that supports the UK’s most innovative cyber-companies with the aim of growing the UK’s cybersecurity sector and making the internet a safer place.Based in East London and run by Plexal, LORCA offers

  • Danes Blame Bug for ID Leak Affecting 1.3 MillionThe Danish government is under fire after an audit revealed that the personal identity numbers of over a fifth of the country’s population were leaked to US tech providers for five years.The issue was discovered by the Agency for Development and Simplification (Udviklings-og Forenklingsstyrelsen) which maintains the country’s tax office IT systems.It is linked to a software bug in the TastSelv Citizen portal used by taxpayers, which me

  • DevOps Alert: 12,000 Jenkins Servers Exposed to DoS AttacksSecurity researchers are warning that 12,000 cloud automation servers around the world could be hijacked to launch denial of service (DoS) attacks.Radware issued an emergency response team threat alert yesterday after discovering 12,802 Jenkins servers that are still vulnerable to a flaw patched at the end of January.Discovered by Adam Thorn of the University of Cambridge, CVE-2020-2100 affects Jenkins 2.218 and earlier as well as LTS 2.

  • Urgent crackdown on terror sentences will affect about 50 inmates

    Emergency legislation is aimed at pre-empting release of any more fixed-term prisonersAbout 50 prisoners convicted of terror offences will no longer be automatically freed halfway through their sentences, under emergency government legislation designed to prevent further jihadi attacks by recently released inmates.The urgent introduction of a parliamentary bill on Tuesday – due to become law before the end of the month – is aimed at pre-empting the release of any more prisoners servi

  • Chinese Military Personnel Charged with Equifax HackThe US has indicted Chinese military personnel today on charges of hacking into Equifax’s computer systems and stealing valuable trade secrets and the personal data of nearly 150 million Americans.A federal grand jury in Atlanta, Georgia, returned the indictment last week against four members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Wu Zhiyong (吴志勇), Wang Qian (王乾), Xu Ke (许

  • Future of War: Deterrence in the Age of Thinking Machines

    The greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems by the militaries of the world has the potential to affect deterrence strategies and escalation dynamics in crises and…

  • Amazon wants Trump testimony about huge Pentagon contract

    Amazon is seeking testimony from US President Donald Trump and other top officials about how the tech giant was shut out of a $10 billion US military cloud computing contract, according to court…

  • US Indicts 4 Chinese Military Officers for Hacking Equifax – Attorney General

    WASHINGTON: The United States has indicted four Chinese military officers for hacking the credit reporting agency Equifax’s computer system and stealing the personal information of most or all…

  • US Navy, Japan Maritime Defense Force Sign Logistics Interoperability Framework

    Vice Adm. Rick Williamson, deputy chief of naval operations for fleet readiness and logistics (N4), and Rear Adm. Masatomi Dairiki, director general of the Logistics Department of the Maritime…

  • Social Robot Teaches Kids Cyber-safety A social robot named Zenbo has been using updated versions of classic fairy tales to teach fifth graders in Delaware how to be safe online.Zenbo was activated at the University of Delaware’s Newark campus during a special lesson laid on by university researchers for a group of students from The College School. The two-foot-tall interactive robot was programmed with a number of familiar children’s stories, which had been subtly adapted to prom

  • US indicts four Chinese military ‘hackers’ for Equifax breach

    The US Justice Department announced indictments of four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army for alleged involvement in the massive 2017 hack of the database of giant US credit…

  • Facebook’s Social Media Accounts Hacked Hackers took over two social media accounts belonging to Facebook on Friday afternoon.Saudi white hat hacking group OurMine compromised Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts as part of a publicity stunt to advertise their own security services.After gaining access to Facebook’s socials, the hackers left a slightly misleading message that implied the Facebook website itself had been hacked as supposed to the company’s Twitter and Instagram acco

  • US Approves $1.8Bil Integrated Air Defense Weapon System Sale to India

    The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to India of an Integrated Air Defense Weapon System (IADWS) for an estimated cost of $1.867 billion. The…

  • Judge orders MI5 not to delete databanks before end of surveillance trial

    Service accused of illegality in its capture, storage and use of interceptions of bulk dataMI5 has been ordered by a senior judge not to delete vast databanks of personal information it is storing pending the outcome of a trial over the legality of its surveillance procedures.Lord Justice Singh, the president of the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT), delivered a sharp rebuke to lawyers for MI5 who questioned the feasibility of his legal directive. Continue reading…

  • Third Lockheed-Built GPS III Satellite Delivered for US Space Force Launch

    GPS III brings higher-power, more accurate and harder-to-jam signals to the GPS constellation The nation’s third next-generation GPS III satellite – and the first delivered by Lockheed Martin…

  • Russia to Arm Tu-160 Strategic Bombers with Hypersonic Missiles

    Russia’s top military brass plans to arm Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, a source in the defense industry told TASS on Monday. “The possibility of…

  • US Army aggressively moves forward on OMFV, seeks industry input

    Today the Army issued a market survey for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program, formally marking the official “restart” to produce a transformational infantry fighting…

  • Multiple software errors doomed Boeing crew capsule test

    Multiple software issues and a poor radio link doomed a test flight of Boeing’s crew capsule late last year, NASA said Friday, revealing for the first time a glitch that could have destroyed…

  • Emotet Spreads Via Newly Discovered Wi-Fi Module Security researchers have detected a new version of infamous malware loader Emotet designed to spread to any nearby Wi-Fi networks protected only by weak passwords.The worm.exe is the main executable used for this process, according to Binary Defense.“Upon startup of Worm.exe, the first action it takes is to copy the service.exe string to a variable that will be used during file spreading. Next, it steps into the main loop and immediately be

  • Docker Registry Snafus Expose Firms to Cloud CompromiseSecurity experts are warning that widespread Docker registry misconfigurations could be exposing countless organizations to critical data theft and malicious attacks.Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 research group focused on one of the most popular platforms around for managing containers. Docker registries are servers designed to store and organize the all-important images, which contain bundled application code, dependent libraries a

  • National Portrait Gallery Faced Almost 350,000 Email Attacks in Q4 2019The National Portrait Gallery was targeted by 347,602 emails containing spam, phishing and malware attacks in the final quarter of 2019, according to Freedom of Information Act data obtained by think tank Parliament Street.The National Portrait Gallery is one of London’s most prestigious art galleries, welcoming between 1.1-2 million visitors every year, many of which have private information such as payment details and

  • Likud Election App Exposes All Israel’s VotersAn election app used by Israel’s Likud party has leaked the personal information of all of the country’s voters, it has emerged.Developed and managed by a company called Feed-b, the Elector app is used by prime minister Netanyahu’s party to contact voters with news and updates.However, serious security and privacy concerns have swirled in Israeli media about the app, before researcher Ran Bar-Zick decided to take a look.He fou

  • Preacher who inspired Streatham terror attack peddling jihad from behind bars

    Abdullah al-Faisal, currently in a Jamaican prison awaiting extradition to the US, is spreading his messages of hate via websiteHundreds of sermons preached by the Islamist cleric who inspired the men who carried out the terrorist attacks in Streatham and on London Bridge in November are available on a website that allows his followers to communicate in private chatrooms, the Observer has established. Related: Junior police ‘must make split second decisions on terrorists’ He’s offeri

  • Junior police ‘must make split second decisions on terrorists’

    Former senior officer warns of growing threat from lone terroristsThe terrorist threat to the UK is rapidly evolving and placing huge demands on the shoulders of junior officers who have to make life-and-death decisions in split seconds, according to a former senior officer with Scotland Yard. Related: Preacher who inspired Streatham terror attack peddling jihad from behind barsContinue reading…

  • US Approves Nearly $1Bil Anti-Ship Missile Sale to Australia

    The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Australia of up to two hundred (200) AGM-158C, Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles (LRASMs) and related equipment…

  • Shamima Begum is a product of Britain. She should face justice here | Aina Khan

    She’s a victim of child grooming by a death cult. And her banishment tells all ethnic minorities that they’re not seen as fully BritishWhen British teenager Shamima Begum’s citizenship was revoked last February, the then home secretary, Sajid Javid, justified the response in the name of protecting national security. Married to an Islamic State militant eight years her senior and heavily pregnant with their third child at the time, it was difficult for many people to sympathise

  • Cyprus orders missiles amid Turkey gas tensions

    Cyprus has signed contracts for weapons orders to bolster its defences at a time of heightened tensions with Turkey over maritime gas deposits, its defense ministry confirmed Friday. “Contracts…

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