Samba – Release Notes Archive

Samba 3.0.25 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.25
                            May 14, 2007

This is the first production release of the Samba 3.0.25 code 
base and is the version that servers should be run for for all 
current bug fixes.  

The 3.0.25 release is an upgrade release over the 3.0.23/3.0.24 
series which means that a substantial amount of development has 
occurred and many new features have been added since the last
Samba production release.  We would like to thank everyone in 
the Samba community that help to test the preview snapshots and 
release candidates.  We believe that the this production release 
is in much better shape due to your help.  

Major features included in the 3.0.25 code base include:

  o Significant improvements in the winbind off-line logon support.
  o Support for secure DDNS updates as part of the 'net ads join' 
  o Rewritten IdMap interface which allows for TTL based caching and 
    per domain backends.
  o New plug-in interface for the "winbind nss info" parameter.
  o New file change notify subsystem which is able to make use of 
    inotify on Linux.
  o Support for passing Windows security descriptors to a VFS 
    plug-in allowing for multiple Unix ACL implements to running side 
    by side on the Same server.
  o Improved compatibility with Windows Vista clients including 
    improved read performance with Linux servers.
  o Man pages for IdMap and VFS plug-ins.

Security Fixes included in the Samba 3.0.25 release are:

  o CVE-2007-2444
	Versions: Samba 3.0.23d - 3.0.25pre2
	Local SID/Name translation bug can result in
	user privilege elevation

  o CVE-2007-2446
	Versions: Samba 3.0.0 - 3.0.24
	Multiple heap overflows allow remote code execution

  o CVE-2007-2447
	Versions: Samba 3.0.0 - 3.0.24
	Unescaped user input parameters are passed as
	arguments to /bin/sh allowing for remote command

Off-line Logons and AD Site Support

Winbind's capability to support offline logons has been greatly
improved with the 3.0.25 release including support for locating 
domain controllers asynchronously using Active Directory Site

New IdMap Interface for Winbindd

The 3.0.25 release of Samba includes a rewritten IdMap interface
for winbindd which replaces the "idmap backend" parameter.  Please 
refer to the "idmap domains" description in the smb.conf(5) man 
page for more details.

Dynamic DNS Updates

The "net ads join" command is now able to register the host's DNS A
records with Windows 2000 SP4 and 2003 DNS servers.  This 
feature must be enabled at compile time using the --with-dnsupdate 
when running the ./configure script.  There is also a related "net ads 
dns" command for refreshing a host's records which could be launched
from a dhcp client script when a new IP address is obtained.

Support for Additional ACL Modules

Samba's POSIX ACL support has been moved inside of the VFS layer 
which means it is now possible to support multiple ACL implementations
on the same server including NFSv4 and GPFS ACLs.

VFS ReadAhead Plugin

Windows Vista introduces pipe-lined read support for improved 
performance when transferring files.  The new vfs_readahead plugin
allows Linux file servers to utilize additional Kernel buffers
for caching files in order to avoid Disk I/O wait time when serving
Vista clients.  If you experience poor read performance between 
Linux servers and Vista clients, please test the vfs_readahead
module by adding the following lines to the share definition
in smb.conf:

	vfs objects = readahead

Note that this plugin will result in additional RAM requirements
due to the increased amount of kernel buffer caches used by smbd.
Please refer to vfs_readahead(8) for more information.

Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Offline Files

Research surrounding offline files, Windows Vista, and Microsoft 
Office 2007 has revealed a incompatibility between these 
applications and the "map acl inherit = no" setting in smb.conf.  
Users requiring support client side caching (csc) and offline 
files are encouraged to enable the "map acl inherit" for any 
affected share definitions in the server's configuration.
Future versions of Samba will enable this setting by default.

Please refer to the smb.conf(5) man page for more details on 
"map acl inherit".


smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name                      Description     Default
    --------------                      -----------     -------
    change notify timeout		Removed 	n/a
    change notify			New		Yes
    debug prefix timestamp              New             No
    fam change notify			Removed		n/a
    idmap domains			New		""
    idmap alloc backend			New		""
    idmap cache time			New             900
    idmap negative cache time           New             120
    kernel change notify		Per share	Yes
    lock spin count                     Removed         n/a
    max stat cache size 		Modified 	1024KB
    printjob username			New		%U
    winbind normalize names		New		no

Changes since 3.0.25rc3

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix memory corruption bug during string processing.
    * Instantiate idiom that malloc/tallocs of array of 0 elements
      returns NULL.
    * Fix marshalling bugs in samr code based on incorrect
    * Fix DFS MS-RPC enumeration reply when we have no DFS shares.
    * Fix memory corruption when enumerating accounts in the 
      LsaPrivilege database.
    * Fixes for CVE-2007-2444, CVE-2007-2446, and CVE-2007-2447.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fix memory corruption when adding/removing members from Local 

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Prevent leaking on full NET_USER_INFO_3 structure memory on each
      cached login.
    * Plug memory leak in client SPNEGO session setup code.
    * Don't clear cached U/SID and UG/SID entries when we want to 
      logon offline.

o   Steve French  
    * Allow prepaths in mount.cifs.
    * Don't prompt for a password in mount.cifs when sec=none has been 

o   Steve Langasek 
    * BUG 4600: Fix compilation of --with-python.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix memory corruption bug in string_replace().
    * Fix valgrind error in parse_domain_user().
    * Fix compilation of explicit --without-winbind.
    * Fix an uninitialized variable and other compiler warnings.
    * Fix memory leak in smbd's claim session code.
    * BUG 4613: Fix incorrect password expiration caused by stomping on 
      the time values in the NET_USER_INFO_3 for remote users.
    * Fixes for CVE-2007-2446.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Add AC_GNU_SOURCE macro in libreplace for systems which don't have it.
    * Fix libreplace compiler warnings.

o   Jens Nissen 
    * Fix memory leak on the file/directory ACL processing code.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Memory allocation cleanups and sanity checks after the malloc(0) 
      == NULL crusade.
    * Fix socket leak in idmap_ldap.c.
    * Fix failure in "net idmap restore".
    * Fix crash bug in idmap_ldap's get_credentials() code.
    * Fixes for CVE-2007-2446.

o   Alison Winters 
    * Add missing return calls in sendfilereadbraw.

Changes since 3.0.24


o   Michael Adam 
    * Patch to lib/sysquotas_linux.c replacing some "get"s by "set"s.  
      This makes the difference between the get and set calls for
    * Prevent collision from config.h created by stand alone component

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix CIFS POSIX unlink behavior.
    * Change POSIX_UNLINK to allow clients to differentiate between 
      unlink/rmdir calls.
    * Add smbclient implementations of POSIX open/mkdir/unlink/rmdir.
    * Refactor MS-DFS server and client code.
    * Support deep MS-DFS referrals in Samba client applications.
    * Change the VFS interface to use struct timespec for utimes.
    * Fix build failures on *BSD platforms caused by introduction of 
    * Optimize exit path in the byte-range locking code in smbd to 
      only read the locking db if there are outstanding lock requests.
    * Fix long-standing bug in our chain processing code.
    * BUG 4384: Fix bug in old search code.
    * Add support for the UNIX_INFO2 info level.
    * Add in the "create info" field to the reply from POSIX_OPEN 
      and POSIX_MKDIR.
    * Refactor the sessionsetupX code a little to allow us to return 
      a NT_STATUS_TIME_DIFFERENCE_AT_DC error to a client.
    * Fix memory leaks in the LDAP sasl bind code.
    * Fix crash in vfs audit/full audit modules caused by API changes.
    * Fix connection problem between pre-3.0.25 smbclient and new DFS
      server code.
    * Fix valgrind errors in credentials.c.
    * Fix logic error in CIFS POSIX extensions for open() and mkdir().
    * Fix if logic error when checking for password resets of machine
      trust accounts in Samba's passdb.
    * Ensure we use the same technique to pull the share mode data out
      that locking.c does.
    * Fixes buffer parsing in the server side Lanman and RAP calls.
    * Fix GetPrinter() info level 3 to fix displaying and setting
      security descriptors on printers from WinXP x86_64 clients.
    * Return correct error code to the trans2 GetDfsReferral() request
      from Vista clients (fixes listing share contents in the Vista
    * BUG 4486: Fix the exclude_dir parameter in the VFS recycle
    * Consolidate the become_root_uid_only() calls to only use
    * Add vfs_readahead module to deal with the pipe-lined reads 
      from Vista clients.
    * BUG 4404: Fix server SMB/CIFS protocol bugs that broke Vista
      clients trying to utilize offline file support.
    * BUG 4494: Make sure to fail immediately if sendfile fails and
      don't continue on to call chain_reply() (based on report from
      Kevin Jamieson).
    * Remove tdb.h from the header file.
    * BUG 3634: Fix crash in nmbd caused by a bad "interfaces" include
      in smb.conf.
    * Add initial version to winbindd_cache.tdb file.  Automatically
      delete existing non-versioned cache files.
    * Fix the storage size of time_t in winbindd_cache.tdb to be 8
    * Cope with signature errors on sessionsetupX logins where the
      server just reflects our signature back to us. Allow the upper 
      layer to see the real error.  
    * BUG 4512: Limit the volume label for a share to 32 UNICODE
    * Allow arbitrary bases in int and ulong parsing in smb.conf.
    * Fix off-by-one error in tconX parsing.
    * Winbind off-line logon fixes.
    * Support for AD sites when locating domain controllers.
    * Fix libsmbclient bug with Konqueror and NetApp filers that need 
      a leading / in OpenAndX calls. 
    * BUG 4187: Possible crash in signing on/off code.
    * Fix memory leaks in pam_winbind.c.
    * Fix a bug in the sequence number store/fetch routines in
    * Fix the problem with Linux clients requesting O_WRONLY on write-only
    * Fix a class of memory allocation bugs in the handling of user tokens.
    * Fix crash bug in winbindd caused by a bug in the messaging dispatch
    * Fix memory bloat in trans calls caused by talloc()'ing memory off the
      wrong context.
    * Fix wildcard renames with SMBmv.
    * Fixes for pathname handling code.
    * Add in the wdel smbclient command to perform wildcard deletes.
    * Fix a bug that causes smbd to 'hang' intermittently while updating
      the trusted domain cache.
    * Cleanup error path processing in reduce_name().
    * Fixes for smbtorture tests (BASE-DELETE, ...)
    * Delete on close fixes ("I completely understand it this time").
    * Remove unneeded checks on incoming uid/gid for mknod (fifo) Unix
      extensions code.
    * More fixes for Unix Extensions include support for POSIX locking.
    * NTLMv2 fixes for Vista clients.
    * Add an optimized lookup for Domain Users and only report the current
      user (which is generally what the calling application wants to know 
    * Fixes for supporting the Vista backup utility based on work by Joe
      Meadows .
    * Fix 4377: Fix rename of "foo" -> "Foo".
    * BUG 4188: Fix for Vista delete directory bug.
    * BUG 4400: Add support for processing large Krb5 tickets in SMB
      sesssetup&X.  Based on work by .
    * Fix trans2 file size reporting for Linux CIFS client.
    * Allow Well-Known and Local Groups to be stored in POSIX ACLs
      as long as there is a SID/gid mapping entry available.
    * Fix memory corruption bug in the CIFS POSIX open/mkdir.
    * BUG 4536: Correctly delete symlinks pointing to a directory.

o   Danilo Almeida 
    * Add additional debug support for pam_winbind.
    * Add support for listing multiple groups in pam_winbind's 
      require-membership-of option which act as a logical OR.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Ensure debug messages from tools print the correct config file 
      location if the file was defined as a command line option.

o   Andrew Benham 
    * BUG 4290: Properly compute time to password expiration in message
      from pam_winbind.

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * Ensure nfsv4 chown logic is controlled by "nfs4:chown=[yes|no]".
    * Add GPFS-provided DMAPI support

o   Kai Blin 
    * Match Windows NTLMSSP flags.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Implement pluggable "winbind nss info" interface.
    * Removal of unmaintained smbwrapper utility.
    * Fix server affinity bugs in the 'net ads join' code to include
      support for AD sites.
    * Implement DDNS update client code.
    * Upper case the host/sAMAccountName in the keytab file.
    * Fix lookupname call in winbindd when joined to a child domain and
      trying to resolve a SID in a sibling domain.
    * Fix password changes against a Windows 2000 DC using pam_winbind.
    * Fix crash in "pdbedit -L -w"
    * Add "winbind normalize names" option.
    * BUG 4093: Make %a resolve correctly for Windows Vista and Windows 
      XP 64bit clients.
    * Printing fixes for Windows Vista.
    * Protect the sasl bind against a NULL principal string in the 
      SPNEGO negTokenInit
    * Fix some "cannot access LDAP when no root" bugs.
    * NSS and PAM fixes on AIX.
    * Cached credentials and Krb5 ticket renewal fixes in winbindd.
    * Fix server affinity bug in Winbind's ADS connection handling.
    * Fix crash when enumerating local group membership in usrmgr.exe
      on a Samba DC.
    * Rework parsing for NetFileEnum() and NetSessionEnum()
    * Add server stub for NetFileClose()
    * Return correct information for sessions and open files
      including session duration, number of open files, and open pipes.
    * Fixes for "winbind normalize names" functionality: 
      - Fix getgroups() call called using a normalized name
      - Fix some more name mappings that could cause for example
        a user to be unable to unlock the screen as the username
        would not match in the PAM authenticate call.
     * Blacklist BUILTIN and MACHINE domains from the idmap domains as 
       these should only be handled by the winbindd_passdb.c backend.
     * Allow the alloc init to fail for backwards compatible 
       configurations such as with idmap_ad.
     * Remove the deprecated flags from idmap backend, et. al. These 
       are mutually exclusive with the "idmap domains".
     * Add the osname and osver options to 'net ads join'
    * Ensure winbindd honors the "idmap domains" option and not 
      default to idmap_tdb.
    * Fix memory corruption caused by calling free() on talloc()'d
      memory when adding and removing users from local groups.
    * BUG 4501 (partial): Fix crash bugs in idmap_ad plugin by adding
      the schema_mode option when using "winbind nss info = template".
    * BUG 4491, 4501 (partial): Disable attempts to allocate a uid/gid if no
      idmap alloc backend has been defined.  Do not defined a default
      alloc backend.
    * Fix "make install" to include creating the links between
      idmap_ad and the nss_info_rfc2307 and nss_info_sfu plugins.
    * Enable the --with-dnsupdate in the Fedora/RHEL RPM packaging
    * BUG 4508: Remove potential loops in the idmap API by requiring
      the caller defined the SID type rather than having the idmap layer
      call back up to determine the SID type when allocating
    * Don't inherit the offline flag for winbindd_domains that have
      not been initialized yet.
    * Fix a crash in idmap_ldap caused by a NULL pointer dereference.
    * Fix deadlock and timeout conditions in idmap_rid.

o   Steven Danneman 
    * Memory leak fixes.
    * Fix core dump when config file in same directory.

o   Mathias Dietz 
    * Initial implementation of the GPFS VFS module.
    * Work on NFSv4 ACL VFS plugin.
    * Add support for share modes to the GPFS VFS plugin.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Winbind off-line logon fixes.
    * Support for AD sites when locating domain controllers.
    * Various fixes for 'net ads' user management functions.
    * Add an CLDAP client written in Perl.
    * Cleanups to the Krb5 ticket refresh code in winbindd.
    * Fixes for various error messages from pam_winbind when password
      policies are being enforced.
    * Implement grace logons for offline authentications in pam_winbind.
    * Fixes for idmap_ad.
    * Memory leak fixes.
    * BUG 4009: Fixes leaking file descriptors (CLOSE_WAIT) in winbindd
      with short lived service tickets
    * Implement basic AD group policy library
    * Adding experimental krb5 lib locator plugin.
    * Ensure that Samba clients are correctly reported by the %a 
      smb.conf as "Samba" and not "Vista".
    * Prevent a user from issuing a PAM_DELETE_CREDS request in 
      pam_close_session() for another user.
    * Fix tdb keynames in netsamlogon_clear_cached_user().
    * Add missing proto_exists dependency for the Winbind NSS target
      in the Makefile.
    * Build fixes when linking against Heimdal 0.8 Kerberos libraries.
    * Build fixes when using older Heimdal Krb5 libs (e.g. 0.6.3).
    * Memory allocation error checks in libgpo.

o   Steve French  
    * Fix mount.cifs compile on old libc missing bind mount #define.

o   SATOH Fumiyasu 
    * Fix memory leaks in the error paths used by winbindd's credential 
      cache code.
    * BUG 4409: Add minsize parameter to the vfs_recycle plugin.
    * BUG 3319: Ensure that 'hide unreadable' does not filter MS-DFS links.

o   Krishna Ganugapati 
    * Implement DDNS update client code.

o   YAMASAKI Hiroyuki 
    * BUG 4346: Fix type reported for hidden shares via MS-RPC.

o   David Hu 
    * BUG 4267: Fix memory leaks in ldapsam.

o   Bjoern Jacke 
    * BUG 4244: Limit stat cache to a default of 1MB.

o   William Jojo 
    * BUG 3713: Re-add reporting what the profiles tool does (-v).
    * BUG 3632: Fix for EISCON in open_any_socket_out() on AIX.
    * BUG 4447: Fix compile failure on AIX 5.2.

o   Taj Khattra 
    * Fix missing lock count release in transaction cancel.

o   Zack Kirsch 
    * Fix memory leaks on some error paths.
    * Memory leak fixes on error paths in various places.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * BUG 4115: Fix for using kerberos logins in
    * BUG 4309: Prevent netbios keepalive on port 445 which causes
      Vista to disconnect Samba clients.
    * Ensure that the libsmbclient example programs link with the
      libsmbclient library that's part of the current tree.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Replace snum references with a structure based array.
    * Allow changing of the hashsize when running tdbbackup.
    * Implement secure DDNS update code
    * Klocwork, Coverity, and IBM Checker fixes.
    * BUG 4273: Fix crash in 'net rpc vampire'
    * Refactor older SMB file serving code.
    * Refactor open directory file serving code.
    * Implement support for inotify when serving CIFS change notification
      requests (includes merge work from SAMBA_4_0).
    * Fixes to allow Samba 3.0 to pass various smbtorture tests (RAW-OPEN,
    * Refactor delete on close file server code.
    * MS-DFS fixes for Vista clients.
    * BUG 4372: Long timeout in LDAP setup when accessing files after 
      10 secs.
    * Change the static array for the in-memory mirrors of the hash chain
      locks to a dynamically allocated one.
    * Use inotify for file change notification on Linux.
    * Revert "msdfs root" to default to "no".
    * Refactor AIO code.
    * Fix memory leaks when returning user lists to clients via SAMR calls.
    * BUG 4365: Fix NTLMv2 implementation on Samba member servers not 
      running winbindd.
    * Reduce contention on the tdb free list by periodic reclamation
      of dead tdb records into groups
    * Split tdb free lists per hash chain.
    * Coverity fixes.
    * Add winbindd_priv_request_response() request that kills the 
      existing winbind pipe connection if it's not privileged to prevent
      race conditions during the challenge/response authentication sequence.
    * BUG 4460: Fix compile error in winbind_nss_irix.c.
    * Fix Coverity bug reports.
    * Fixes buffer parsing in the server side Lanman and RAP calls.

o   David Leonard .
    * Fix file descriptor leak from an error path in winbindd.
    * BUG 4369: Fix smbclient's showacls on files in subdirectories.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Cleanups to sharesec utility.
    * Compiler warning cleanups.
    * Compiler warning fixes.
    * Allow smbcontrol to use POPT_COMMON_SAMBA options to allow setting
      debug level.
    * Add "debug prefix timestamp" to allow syslog type timestamps to be 
      added in the Samba log files.
    * Fix compile error in nmbd_incomingdgrams.c.
    * Allow profiling level to be set on startup.

o   Ying Li 
    * Use the default tdb idmap plugin when neither idmap domains
      nor idmap backend have been defined.

o   Jason Mader 
    * Various compile warning fixes. 
    * Initial patch set for strptime() in libreplace.

o   Don McCall 
    * Fix compile bug in vfs_default on platforms without utimes().
    * HP-UX compile fixes.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Bug fixes for GPFS VFS module.
    * Fix "password never expires" policy which would be incorrectly 
      require all users to change their password at login time.
    * Fix the GPFS VFS module to pass the POSIX ACL tests (Thanks to
      Gomati Mohanan).
    * Fix crate_user() access checks when setting the "User Cannot 
      Change Password" flag.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * POSIX ACL compile warning fixes.
    * Fix --with-fhs, where confdir is set to ${sysconfdir} but
      sysconfdir wasn't defined in the Makefile.
    * Add localstatedir to for completeness.
    * BUG 4496: Fix libreplace failure on ulibc systems.    
    * Merge numerous libreplace fixes from the SAMBA_4_0 code base 
      (stdint.h, stdbool.h, unsetenv, strptime(), strtoll(), et. al.).
    * Move ZERO_*, ARRAY_SIZE and PTR_DIFF macros into libreplace.
    * Portability fixes for dlopen() (merge from SAMBA_4_0)
    * Sync libreplace (merge from SAMBA_4_0)

o   Heinrich Mislik 
    * AIX quota fixes.

o   Gomati Mohanan 
    * Work on NFSv4 ACL VFS plugin.

o   Lars Mueller 
    * Provide better feedback about deprecated use of multiple passdb
      backends.  Use the first backend to have at least this one working.
    * Fix make install to include smbmount, et. al. docs.
    * Merge more proto_exists dependency fixes from SAMBA_3_0.
    * Makefile cleanups.
    * Log the reason for failures when not creating a core file on a
      crash due to restrictive permissions on the log file directory.

o   James Peach 
    * Replace exit_server with exit_server_cleanly where appropriate.
    * Add docs for VFS modules.
    * Portability fixes for autoconf and character set modules on 
      OS X.
    * Only attempt to reload the config file after the fork point 
      if we are in daemon mode.
    * Support the SMB_QUERY_POSIX_WHOAMI info level on QueryFsInfo.
    * Changing the FindFirst response for the UNIX_INFO2 level to
      include a length field before the name.
    * Add call to chflags(2) in the default VFS module.

o   Andy Polyakov 
    * Pull the CUPS comment and location attributes when not overridden 
      by values stored in Samba's ntprinters.tdb.
    * BUG 3275: Allow upload of x64 printer drivers by relaxing the COFF 
      header parsing code in smbd.

o   J Raynor 
    * Make sure we are privileged when doing DMAPI operations on systems
      that don't have capability support.

o   Jorge Santos 
    * BUG 4500: Fix compile bug in quota.c.

o   Jiri Sasek 
    * Fix incorrect Krb5 linking on Solaris.
    * Fix possible NULL dereference in adt_tree.c

o   Karolin Seeger  
    * Fix a compile problem in shadow_copy_test.c.
    * Add 'net sam policy' commands.
    * Fixes for "net usershare" and "guest_ok=y"

o   Robert Shearman 
    * Allow NULL domain and username in the form of user@domain to be 
      interpreted correctly by ntlm_auth for use by Wine applications.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Remove redundant log messages from idmap_ad.c.
    * BUG 3974: Fix ambiguity between the -N option and the -T
      tar options.
    * Fix linking flags used when creating shared libraries.
    * Offline logon fixes in the idmap backend manager.
    * Cleanup initialization code in the sfu and rfc2307 nss_info
      plugins to protect against a crash if called before the idmap_ad
      module has been initialized.
    * Protect against crashes in get_dc_name() in the idmap_ad code
      when we are working offline.
    * BUG 4438, 4440: Fix bugs in "net sam provision".
    * Initial implementation of new IdMap interface.
    * Fix crash in pam_winbind caused by referencing a pointer after the 
      memory had been freed.
    * Implement escaping function for ldap RDN values.

o   Peter Somogyi 
    * Work on NFSv4 ACL VFS plugin.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fix an integer overflow in the ndr library code used by PIDL.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * Implement support for IDL autogenerated code to
      handle the MS-RPC parsing functions.

o   Don Watson 
    * Fixes for 'net rpc vampire' and the guest account

o   Martin Zielinski 
    * Printing fixes for Windows Vista clients.

Release notes for older releases follow:

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.24
                             Feb 5, 2007

Important issues addressed in 3.0.24 include:

  o Fixes for the following security advisories:
    - CVE-2007-0452 (Potential Denial of Service bug in smbd)
    - CVE-2007-0453 (Buffer overrun in NSS host lookup Winbind
      NSS library on Solaris)
    - CVE-2007-0454 (Format string bug in VFS plugin)


Changes since 3.0.23d


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix for CVE-2007-0452 & CVE-2007-0454

o   Olivier Gay 
    * Fix for CVE-2007-0453

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix for CVE-2007-0452

Release Notes for older release follow:

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.23d
                             Nov 14, 2006

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version 
that production Samba servers should be running for all current 
bug-fixes.  Please read the changes in this section and for the 
original 3.0.23 release regarding new features and difference 
in behavior from previous releases.

Important issues addressed in 3.0.23d include:

  o Stability fixes for winbindd
  o Portability fixes on FreeBSD and Solaris operating systems.


Changes since 3.0.23c


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Changes to ntlm_auth to better support Firefox's NTLM 
    * Make the "max usershares" parameter an advisory limit.
    * BUG 4095: Cleanup bad substitution causing the username 
      to be translated to domainuser twice in spnego path. 
    * BUG 4097: Ensure all pdb_XXX calls are wrapped in 
      [un]become_root() pairs.
    * Ensure we always return the canonicalized name 
    * Add in fixes to mangling dir code.
    * Do not assume that gencache can always be opened for RW access.
      Fall back to RO.
    * Always initialize variables in winbindd request/response 
    * Fix libsmbclient bug with Konqueror and NetApp filers that 
      need a leading / in OpenAndX calls. 
    * Added showacls toggle in the smbclient code.
    * Add a suffix to the pidfile's program name if this is a process
      with a non-default configuration file name.
    * Fix protection from invalid struct tm values.
    * BUG 4187: Possible crash in signing on/off code.
    * BUG 4214: Fix crash bug in find_forced_group().
    * BUG 4224: Fix enforcement of the deadtime parameter.

o   Timur Bakeyev 
    * BUG 3856: Set the nss soname version on FreeBSD.
    * BUG 4109: Fix bug causing smbd to turn off winbindd and 
      fail to disable the _NO_WINBIND environment.
    * BUG 3868: Prevent --with-aio-support from trimming the 
      $LIBS variable in

o   Dmitry Butskoy 
    * BUG 4075: Allow smbd to use winbindd to lookup uids/gids 
      outside the idmap range if 'winbind trusted domains 
      only = yes'.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fix primary group lookup failures.  Use the Get_Pwnam_alloc() 
      call to ensure it finds the Unix user first.
    * Only grant privs to Administrators if privileges are enabled 
      to avoid bogus error messages in the logs.

o   Alex Deiter 
    * BUG 3524: Fix for quota support on Solaris.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Close socket when the CLDAP request has failed.
    * Memory leak fixes in the libads/ldap.c code.
    * Printer publishing fixes for "net ads".
    * Fix error code returns in the CLDAP client code.
    * Do not anonymously query for AD schema items in winbindd.
    * Protect against storing null-sids in the winbind cache.
    * Fallback to non-paging LDAP searches for anonymous bound 
    * More workarounds when nscd.
    * Fix error code typoe in the GetDcName() netlogon call  
      (including two new error codes).
    * Fix valgrind warnings in pam_winbind
    * Add two missing refresh_sequence_number calls where they are 
      missing just before writing to the winbind cache tdb.
    * Attempt to locate a valid domain controller before prompting
      for credentials in "net ads".
    * Set 35 second timeout in winbindd's netlogon code when sending 
      a GETDC request.
    * Stop "net ads {user,group} delete" from doing funny things.
    * Fix container handling for "net ads user" and "net ads group" 
    * Fix various memleaks and seg faults in "net ads {user,group}".

o   Udo Eberhardt 
    * BUG 4100: Fix crash in the server spooler code by initializing 
      values for smb_io_notify_info_data_strings.

o   Olaf Flebbe 
    * BUG 4133: pam_winbind.c compile fix on AIX 5.1.

o   David Hu 
    * BUG 4212: Fix memleak in the default_ou_string handling.

o   Mikhail Kshevetskiy 
    * BUG 4229: Compile fix for systems without kerberos.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * NTLMSSP LanMan session key fixes.
    * Various potential seg fault fixes.
    * Extra logic in share access checks for bad smb.conf parameter 
    * Fixes to allow smbclient to connect to Vista RC1 workstations.
    * Fix bad search filter in ldapsam when enumerating group 

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Correctly handle the password expiration policy on Samba DCs.

o   Nils Nordman 
    * BUG 4085: Allow smbpasswd to change expired passwords on 
      remote servers.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Merge uid2sid and gid2sid async calls for SAMBA_3_0.
    * Better fqdn handling when parsing the /etc/hosts file.
    * Fix crash bug in pam_winbind.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fix string alignment problem in password change code.

o   Jim Wang
    * BUG 4211: Logic error when enforcing "acl group control"

Release Notes for older release follow:

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.23c
                             Aug 30, 2006

We would like to thank the developers of the Saturn code analysis 
tool from Stanford University (
This release includes several code fixes based on its reports.

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.23c include:

  o Authentication failures in pam_winbind when the AD domain
    policy is set to not expire passwords.
  o Authorization failures when using smb.conf options such
    as "valid users" with the smbpasswd passdb backend.

RID Algorithms & Passdb

Starting with the 3.0.23c release, the officially supported passdb 
backends (smbpasswd, tdbsam, and ldapsam) now operate identically
with regards to the historical RID algorithm for unmapped users 
and groups (i.e. accounts not in the passdb or group mapping table).
The resulting behavior is that all unmapped users are resolved 
to a SID in the S-1-22-1 domain and all unmapped groups resolve
to a SID in the S-1-22-2 domain.  Previously, when using the 
smbpasswd passdb, such users and groups would resolve to an 
algorithmic SID in the machine's own domain (S-1-5-XX-XX-XX).
However, the smbpasswd backend still utilizes the RID algorithm
when creating new user accounts or allocating a RID for a new 
group mapping entry.

With the changes in the 3.0.23c release, it is now possible to 
resolve a uid/gid, name, or SID in any direction and always obtain
a symmetric mapping.  This is important so that values for smb.conf 
parameters such as "valid users" resolve to the same SIDs as those 
included  in the local user's initial token.

Most installations will notice no change.  However, because
an unmapped account's SID will now change even when using 
smbpasswd it is possible that any security descriptors on files
previously copied from a Samba host to a Windows NTFS partition
may now fail to give access. The workaround is to either manually
map all affect groups (or add impacted users to the server's 
passdb) or to manually reset the file's ACL.


Changes since 3.0.23b

o   Michael Adam 
    * Fix incorrect logic in internal_resolve_name() caused by if 

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Don't store a NULL SID in winbindd's offline cache.
    * Ensure we store the offline password hash in the correct format.
    * OS/2 fixes for large Extended Attributes data.
    * Fix nmbd crashes caused by miscalculation in pushing 
    * Handle times consistently across all client utils including
    * Fix a file descriptor leak in nmbd sync DNS lookup code.
    * Fix inconsistency found in checking for NULL in DLIST_REMOVE
    * Pointer dereference fixes based on the Saturn analysis tool.
    * Fix memory leak in the AD DC lookup code.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * RHEL4  and Fedora packaging updates.
    * Remove RID algorithm support for unmapped users and groups
      when using an smbpasswd backend.
    * Extend the NT token for local users' with the S-1-22-2 
      SID for each supplementary group
    * BUG 3969: Fix unsigned time comparison with expiration 
      policy from AD DC.
    * Merge Guenther's fixes from the SuSE SLES10 tree to ensure 
      that winbindd talks to the correct DC when servicing PAM 
      authentication requests.
    * Do not use the generic IP address sort routines for AD DCs
      since the SRV lookup include a sorting algorithm based
      on priority and weight. 
    * Fix our DNS SRV lookup code to deal with multi-homed hosts.
    * More changes to ensure that the primary group SID for 
      a local user is based on the primary Unix group and not the
      primaryGroupSID passdb attribute.
    * Disable storing SIDs in the S-1-22-1 and S-1-22-2 domain 
      to the SIDuid/gid cache.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Fix msdfs RPC client and server management RPCs.
    * Align idmap_ad with the current idmap_methods interface.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Re-add support for "username level" when looking up the 
      matching Unix user for an smbpasswd entry.
    * snprintf() fixes.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Let innetgr() work without binding its use to a 
      NIS domain to support netgroups in local files.

o   Ben Winslow 
    * Allow client smb signing to be turned off correctly.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.23b
                             Aug 7, 2006

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.23b include:

  o Ambiguity with unqualified names in smb.conf parameters
    such as "force user" and "valid users".
  o Errors in 'net ads join' caused by bad IP address in the list
    of domain controllers.
  o SMB signing errors in the client and server code.
  o Domain join failures when using smbpasswd on a Samba PDC.

Member servers, domain accounts, and smb.conf

Since Samba 3.0.8, it has been recommended that all domain accounts 
listed in smb.conf on a member server be fully qualified with the 
domain name.  This is now a requirement.  All unqualified names are 
assumed to be local to the Unix host, either as part of the server's 
local passdb or in the local system list of accounts (e.g. /etc/passwd 
or /etc/group).

The reason for this change is that smbd has transitioned from
access checks based on string comparisons to token based
authorization.  All names are resolved to a SID and then verified
against the logged on user's NT user token.  Local names will
resolve to a local SID, while qualified domain names will resolve
to the appropriate domain SID.  

If the member server is not running winbindd at all, domain 
accounts will be implicitly mapped to local accounts and their
tokens will be modified appropriately to reflect the local 
SID and group membership.

For example, the following share will restrict access to the
domain group "Linux Admins" and the local group srvadmin.

	path = /data
	valid users = +"DOMAINLinux Admins" +srvadmin

Note that to restrict the [homes] share on a member server to the 
owner of that directory, it is necessary to prefix the %S value 
to "valid users".

	security = {domain,ads}
	workgroup = DOM
	winbind separator = +
	valid users = DOM+%S


Changes since 3.0.23a

o   Michael Adams 
    * Fix memory leaks on error paths in 'net ads join'.

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 3962: Fix memory leak when enumerating print jobs.
    * Fix file access flags for the Linux CIFS fs client.
    * Fix memory leaks in the smbclient DFS code.
    * BUG 3967: Fix SMB signing client bug in trans calls.
    * BUG 3985: Ensure in msdfs we check for our NetBIOS aliases.
    * Added lookup_name_smbconf() to be called when looking up names 
      from smb.conf.  Unqualified names are assumed to be local.
    * BUG 4003: Fix SMB signing server error in NTcancel reply.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fix a few "smbldap_open(): Cannot open when not root" bugs when 
      viewing or modifying local group membership.
    * Make LsaLookupSids() reply include the full SID of unresolved 
    * BUG 3957: Prevent returning strange DC IP addresses by zeroing 
      memory in the SRV hostlist in case there is not an A record for 
      each SRV name.
    * BUG 3964: normalize the case of usernames prior to getpwnam() 
      call in the smbpasswd backend.
    * Cleanup the 'net ads help join' output and document createupn 
      and createcomputer options.
    * Fix a regression in the ldapsam URI syntax.  Allow multiple 
      LDAP URIs to be grouped by  "".

o   William Charles 
    * BUG 3959: Remove rand() from SRV RR comparison to fix crashes 
      in qsort().

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Fix memory leaks in pam_winbind.
    * Save the logon script path from the info3 in the PAM session 
      allowing other PAM modules to pick it up from there.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 3991: Fix problem with user tokens on standalone systems
      configured to use a username map.
    * Fix bug where qualified user or group names in smb.conf
      were assumed to use the '' character as the winbind separator.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.23a
                             Jul 21, 2006

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.23a include:

  o Failure to strip the domain name from groups when 'winbind 
    use default domain = yes'
  o Failure in pam_winbind to correctly parse arguments.
  o Bad token creation of local users on member servers not 
    running winbindd.
  o Failure to add users or groups to ACLs using the Windows
    object picker.
  o Failure in file serving code when 'kernel oplocks = yes'.

New features in 3.0.23a include:

  o New "createupn" option to "net ads join"
  o Rewritten Kerberos keytab generation when 'use kerberos 
    keytab = yes'


Changes since 3.0.23

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix memory leaks in the POSIX locking for for the Linux CIFS fs 
    * Fix memory leaks in the AD schema parsing code.
    * Fixed bug in interaction with Linux kernel oplocks.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Rewrite the detection of the correct DES salting principal name
      when joining an Active Directory Domain.
    * Rewrite the keytab generation code based on existing SPN, 
      UPN, and sAMAccountName attributes in the AD machine object.
    * Cleanup of dead code from idmap_ad.
    * Fix Winbind 32bit/64bit portability issues.
    * Fail 'net ads join' and disable the machine account if we cannot 
      set any SPNs for ourselves.
    * Make sure to lower case all usernames before calling the create, 
      delete, or rename hooks.
    * Preserve case for usernames in passdb
    * Flush the getpwnam cache after renaming a user
    * Add become/unbecome root block in _samr_delete_dom_user() when 
      trying to verify the account's existence.
    * Changed 'net ads join' syntax for specifying an alternate 
      OU.  New syntax is createcomputer=.
    * Add createupn=[UPN] option to 'net ads join' for setting the
      userPrincipalName attribute.
    * Bug 3920: Restore winbind use default domain behavior for domain 
      groups.  This break local users and 'winbind nested groups' on 
      domain members.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Don't clear the cache when starting winbindd in off line mode.
    * Fix errno reporting in pam_winbind debug messages.
    * BUG 3937: Fix segv in

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix memory leaks in the in error paths out of the CLDAP 
      request code.
    * AIX portability fixes for DNS client code.
    * BUG 3811, 3948: Fix alignment bug in on lsaquery. 
    * BUG 3949: Fixed authorization issue on domain member 
      servers not running winbindd.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fixed a bug which caused resolve_ads() to spin forever if 
      one of the DCs isn't resolvable in DNS.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Debian packaging fixes.

o   Dietrich Streifert 
    * BUG 3916: Fix error parsing pam_winbind config arguments.

Release Notes for older release follow:


                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.23
                            Jul 10, 2006

There has been a substantial amount of cleanup work done during 
this development cycle.  We would like to thank both Coverity 
( and Klocwork (
for analyzing the Samba source code. As a result, this release 
includes fixes for over 400 defects.  The coverage was approximately 
even with over 200 defects reported by each tool.

Thanks very much to those people who spent time testing the 
release candidates and reported their findings.  We would like to 
especially thank Thomas Bork  for his numerous 
reports.  We believe that the final release is in much better shape 
in large part due to his efforts.

New features in 3.0.23 include:

   o Improved 'make test'
   o New offline mode in winbindd.
   o New Kerberos support for
   o New handling of unmapped users and groups. 
   o New non-root share management tools.
   o Improved support for local and BUILTIN groups.
   o Winbind IDMAP integration with RFC2307 schema objects supported 
     by Windows 2003 R2.
   o Rewritten 'net ads join' to mimic Windows XP without requiring 
     administrative rights to join a domain.

User and Group changes

The user and group internal management routines have been 
rewritten to prevent overlaps of assigned Relative Identifiers 
(RIDs).  In the past the has been a potential problem when either 
manually mapping Unix groups with the 'net groupmap' command or 
when migrating a Windows domain to a Samba domain using 'net rpc 

Unmapped users are now assigned a SID in the S-1-22-1 domain and 
unmapped groups are assigned a SID in the S-1-22-2 domain. 
Previously they were assign a RID within the SAM on the Samba 
server.  For a DC this would have been under the authority of the 
domain SID where as on a member server or standalone host, this 
would have been under the authority of the local SAM (hint: net 

The result is that any unmapped users or groups on an upgraded 
Samba domain controller may be assigned a new SID.  Because the 
SID rather than a name is stored in Windows security descriptors, 
this can cause a user to no longer have access to a resource for 
example if a file was copied from a Samba file server to a local 
NTFS partition.  Any files stored on the Samba server itself will 
continue to be accessible because Unix stores the Unix gid and not 
the SID for authorization checks.

A further example will help illustrate the change.  Assume that a 
group named 'developers' exists with a Unix gid of 782 but this 
user does not exist in Samba's group mapping table. it would be 
perfectly normal for this group to be appear in an ACL editor.  
Prior to 3.0.23, the group SID might appear as 
S-1-5-21-647511796-4126122067-3123570092-2565. With 3.0.23, the 
group SID would be reported as S-1-22-2-782. Any security 
descriptors associated with files stored on an NTFS disk partition 
would not allow access based on the group permissions if the user 
was not a member of the 
S-1-5-21-647511796-4126122067-3123570092-2565 group. Because this 
group SID not reported in a user's token is S-1-22-2-782, Windows 
would fail the authorization check even though both SIDs in some 
respect referred to the same Unix group.

The current workaround is to create a manual domain group mapping 
entry for the group 'developers' to point at the 
S-1-5-21-647511796-4126122067-3123570092-2565 SID.

Passdb Changes

The "passdb backend" parameter no long accepts multiple backends 
in a chaining configuration.  Also be aware that the SQL and XML 
based passdb modules have been removed in this release.  More 
information of external support for a SQL passdb module can be 
found at

Group Mapping Changes

The default mapping entries for groups such as "Domain Admins" are 
no longer created when using an smbpasswd file or a tdbsam passdb 
backend.  This means that it is necessary to use 'net groupmap 
add' rather than 'net groupmap modify' to set these entries.  
This change has no effect on winbindd's IDmap functionality for 
domain groups.

LDAP Changes

There has also been a minor update the Samba LDAP schema file. A 
substring matching rule has been added to the sambaSID attribute 
definition.  For OpenLDAP servers, this will require the addition 
of 'index sambaSID sub' to the slapd.conf configuration file.  It 
will be necessary to run slapindex after making this change. There 
has been no change to actual data storage schema.


smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name                      Description	  Default
    --------------                      -----------	  -------
    acl group control			Deprecated	  No
    add port command			New		  ""
    change notify timeout		Changed Scope
    dmapi support			New		  No
    dos filemode			Modified	  No
    enable asu support			Changed default	  No
    enable core files			New               Yes
    enable privileges			Changed default	  Yes
    enable rid algorithm		Removed
    fam change notify			New		  Yes
    hosts equiv 			Removed
    host msdfs				Changed default	  Yes
    msdfs root				Changed default	  Yes
    open files database hash size	New		  10007
    passdb expand explicit		Changed default   No
    strict locking			Changed default	  auto
    usershare allow guests		New               No
    usershare max shares		New		  0
    usershare owner only		New		  Yes
    usershare path			New		  ${lockdir}
    usershare prefix allow list		New		  ""
    usershare prefix deny list		New		  ""
    usershare template share		New		  ""
    winbind enum users			Changed default	  No
    winbind enum groups			Changed default	  No
    winbind nested groups		Changed default	  Yes
    winbind offline logon		New		  No
    winbind refresh tickets		New		  No
    winbind max idle children		Removed
    wins partners			Removed

Changes since 3.0.22

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fixes for various Klocwork defect reports.
    * Cleanup pdb_get_XXX() methods and ensure that a failure
      to allocate memory for a samu user structure is reported 
      as a failure to the calling function.
    * Fix memleak in printing gencache contents.
    * Fix warnings reported by gcc4 -O6 on 64-bit systems 
    * Fix naming conflicts with 'net usershare' structures and 
      Solaris header files.
    * Fix memleaks on error paths from the ASN.1 parsing code.
    * Add uid to share_mode_entry structure so we can report who 
      opened the file.
    * Ensure we use sys_write in password chats so we're not 
    * Ensure all new rid allocation goes through the same pdb_ldap 
    * BUG 3308: Stop us returning duplicate mid replies on path 
      based set-EOF trans2 calls.
    * Pass RAW-OPLOCK with kernel oplocks off.
    * Fix bug in OS/2 Warp - it doesn't set the ff_last offset 
      correctly when doing info level 1 directory scans.
    * Add Samba4 replacement for timegm() to work on Solaris.
    * Remove extra add-byte in the trans2 UNIX_BASIC infolevel.
    * BUG 3592: Ignore a file in the tar output from smbclient if the 
      read failed (e.g. due to ACCESS_DENIED).  (Based on ideas from
      Justin Best ).
    * BUG 3668: Workaround issues in Windows server code with LARGE_READX.
    * Push/Pull Kerberos principal and realm names to/from UTF-8.
    * Fix incorrect boolean in assert to make POSIX lock tests
      pass with CIFSFS.
    * Don't ever set O_SYNC on open unless "strict sync = yes".
    * Remove dead printing code.
    * Allow configurable guest access to Samba's usershare functionality.
    * BUG 3587: Make byte-range locking tdb self-cleaning.
    * Ensure every exit error path in the session setup code calls 
    * Use portable wrapper functions instead of seteuid directly in 
    * Make "change notify timeout" a per-share parameter.
    * Fix regression in SAMBA_4_0's smbtorture DENY tests.
    * Fix valgrind-spotted issue in BASE-DELETE test.
    * Fix early termination condition in winbindd when trying to 
      connect to a remote DC.
    * Instruct winbindd to ignore fd_set when select() returns -1.
    * BUG 3779: Make nmbd udp sockets non-blocking to prevent problem
      with select returning true but no data being available.
    * Back port talloc_steal() fixes from SAMBA_4_0 (original fixes by 
      Andrew Tridgell).
    * BUG 3467: Fix delete on close semantics needed by WinXP Media 
      Center Ed. for simultaneous recording and playback (thanks to 
      Jason Qian for the debugging assistance).
    * BUG 3347: Save the Unix user token used to set the 
      delete-on-close flag.
    * Fix parsing of SAMR_Q_CONNECT_ANON.
    * Add in support for userinfo26 structure and re-enable 
    * Schannel server fixes.  Fix the credentials chaining across 
      netlogon pipe disconnects.
    * Replace ubqix code in nmbd with an internal tdb.
    * Fix struct timespec checks in
    * Add in server support for the NetSamLogonEx().
    * Add support for LsaLookupSids2() and LsaLookupSids3().
    * Add LsaLookupNames[2-4]().
    * Add support for 'net usershare'.
    * BUG 3522: Fix error code return on SMBmkdir(foo) when foo 
      already exists (thanks to Sandeep Tamhankar).
    * BUG 3510: Fix 'net rpc join' against a server when 
      schannel is disabled.
    * Get rid of poor errno mapping table. Bounce through NTSTATUS 
    * Check for SeMachineAccountPrivilege when deleting machine 
    * Fix a logic bug with multiple oplock contention.
    * Add the replacements for opendir/readdir etc from SAMBA_4_0.
      Attempt to fix the broken directory handling in the *BSD.
    * Allow run time tuning of the locking tdb hash size for
      very busy servers.
    * BUG 3642: Ensure we don't call FD_SET on read with 
      fd == -1.
    * BUG 3569: Work around linear posix locking issue on AIX
      which was causing high loads due to the tdb CLEAR_IF_FIRST
      flag (based on work from William JoJo).
    * Fix OS/2 directory delete bug found by kukks.
    * Match the Windows 2003 NTLMSSP signature.
    * Performance tuning work in core read & write file serving 
    * Change default to 'strict locking' to better reflect 
      real world clients.
    * Fix error return on session setup. Ensure no data blob is 
      added if the logon call failed so that Windows clients 
      interpret the NT_STATUS code correctly.
    * Teach Samba the difference between exclusive and batch 
    * BUG 3592: Ignore a file in a smbtar output if the first 
      read fails (inspired by Justin Best).
    * BUG 3668: Workaround Windows bug with LARGE_READX where if 
      you ask for exactly 64k bytes it returns 0.
    * BUG 3858: Ensure that all files are removed by a wildcard 
      delete when 'hide unreadable = yes'.
    * Fix various issues raised by the Klocwork code analyzer.
    * Fix nmbd WINS serving bug causing duplicate IPs in the * 
      query reply ("enhanced browsing = yes").
    * Fix SMB signing failures in client tools.
    * BUG 3909: Avoid EA lookups on MS-DFS links.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Work around abort() in the OpenLDAP client libs caused by a NULL 
      msg pointer.

o   Timur Bakeyev 
    * BUG 2961: Fix compile warnings for pam_smbpass.
    * BUG 2746, 3763: Fix compile warnings in pam_winbind.

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * Fix 'smbcontrol shutdown' messages for nmbd and winbindd.
    * Fix absolute symlinks in the script.

o   Max N. Boyarov 
    * Fix crash bug in perfmon daemon example code.

o   Nicholas Brealey 
    * Compile fix for pam_winbind.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fix 'make install' problem when building outside source/.
    * Fix 'net ads join' when the workgroup is set incorrectly in 
    * Re-add code to include the BUILTINAdministrators SID when
      winbindd is not running, but the user's token includes the 
      Domain Admin SID.  Fixes access problem for managing Services.
    * Only call the printer publishing calls if 'security = ads'.
    * Normalize printing keys when deleting.
    * Only store LANMAN passwords on a change if 'lanman auth = yes'.
    * Look at the NT password (not lanman one) when determining if 'smbpasswd 
      -e' should probably for a password.
    * Default eventlog tdbs to mode 0660 to allow easier access by 
    * Remove extra call to create_user on member servers without winbindd.
    * Replace the use of OpenLDAP's ldap_domain2hostlist() for locating 
      AD DC's with out own DNS SRV queries.
    * Fix compile error on HP-UX reported by Ryan Novosielski.
    * Rewrite 'net ads join' to share common code with 'net rpc join' 
      and behave more like a Windows XP client.
    * Remove --with-ldapsam option from configure (only used for 
      backwards compatibility for 2.2 smb.conf files).
    * Remove 'wins partners' and 'hosts equiv' smb.conf parameters.
    * Remove rhosts authentication module.
    * Reimplement 'net ads leave' to disable the machine account in the 
      domain rather than removing it.
    * Rewrite of tdbsam file descriptor handling.
    * Add server affinity support when selecting a remote 
      domain controller.
    * Remove chaining of passdb modules.
    * Generate a local users primary group SID based on his 
      or her primary Unix group rather than storing the attribute 
      in the passdb entry.
    * Default primary group SID to 'Domain Users' if the real Unix 
      primary group maps to the S-1-22-2 domain.
    * Refactor memory management in passdb user objects.
    * RHEL and Fedora packaging fixes.
    * Implement XcvDataPort() spooler call and supporting 'add 
      port command'.
    * BUG 3534: Ignore lines in the username map file with no right 
      hand list.
    * Add support for the experimental %(DomainSID) smb.conf 
    * Add support for parsing SIDs in smb.conf value lists.
    * Fix vuid allocation in Kerberos SMBsesssetup reply. 
    * Ensure that local group membership is included in the 
      getgroups() NSS reply.
    * Automatically create a BUILTIN{Administrators,Users} if
      winbindd is running.
    * Automatically grant all privileges to members of the local 
      Administrators group.
    * Protect against NULL cli_state* pointers in 
    * Add a SUBSTR matching rule the the Samba LDAP schema 
      file for the sambaSID attribute.  This will allow for 
      Searching group mapping entries within a given domain
      without reorganizing the directory namespace.  Also 
      requires 'index sambaSID sub' in slapd.conf.
    * Fix parsing of 'idmap uid/gid' values that broke when
      the range included any whitespace.
    * Support renaming local groups (protect against renaming 
      BUILTIN groups).
    * Do not allow the root account to be deleted via MS-RPC.
    * Fix RID allocation to skip over RIDs that resolve in our
      own domain (work around upgraded users and groups).
    * Store the name/ip address combination when we do a reverse 
      look up in case future forward lookups would fail.
      Fixes cases where a DC name could not be resolved via 
      NetBIOS queries,
    * Allow winbindd to run on standalone servers in order to
      provide support for local groups.
    * Deprecate 'acl group control' and replace it with added 
      functionality to 'dos filemode'.
    * Ensure that all global memory is freed from pam_winbind 
      when unloading the shared library (based on work from Arkady 
    * Fix 32-bit/64-bit portability issues between PAM & NSS winbind 
      libraries and winbindd.
    * Add defensive checks about create local accounts (i.e. calling
      'add user script') on domain member servers when winbindd
      is running but having problems.
    * Use system provided killproc() in RedHat init scripts for 
      more robust shutdown.
    * Fix a crash in the printer publishing code when adding a 
      new printer via the APW.
    * Fix broken compile of unsupported smbwrapper utility.
    * BUG 3905: Fix smbd startup failure caused by a failure to
      create an NT token for the guest account.
    * BUG 3908: Fix RPC bind authentication failure which broke
      user password changes.
    * Ensure that "net ads join" reports failure correctly if
      it cannot set the machine account password.

o   Mathias Dietz 
    * EPERM can be a valid return from getting an xattr. 
      Don't disable if we get it.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Fix memleaks in winbindd ads searches.
    * Fix timestamp bug in pam_winbindd which forced users to change
      passwords prematurely.
    * Small debug message cleanups.
    * Small fixes for 'net ads password'.
    * BUG 3843: Allow to set passwords directly when creating users 
      via "net rpc user add" 
    * Add "rpc shell" to the usage text for the net command.
    * Winbindd user aliases lookup fixes for large domains.
    * Fix memleak in the CLDAP processing code.
    * Enable AD features in winbindd's PAM support only when 
      communicating with an AD domain controller.
    * Set our internal domains to "online" by default in winbindd.
    * BUG 3800: Fill the password_policy method in winbindd for 
    * Fix memory leak when LDAP POSIX attribute queries fail.
    * Honor the krb5 principal name change (of the new ads join code) 
      in the kerberized winbind pam_auth.
    * Correctly handle the case when there is no configuration file 
      for pam_winbind.
    * Adding "own-domain" switch to wbinfo which is handy from time 
      to time.
    * BUG 3823: Fix in-forest domain trust enumeration in winbindd.
    * Fix winbindd group enumeration for groups with no members.
    * Correct "net ads changetrustpw" to use the sAMAccountName.
    * Fix winbindd in ADS domains by removing code using the 
      UPN and rely upon the sAMAccountName.
    * Fix a eDir related memory leak.
    * Don't try to add the sn attribute twice to an LDAP 
      inetOrgPerson + samSamAccount entry.
    * Fix winbind function table typo.
    * Attempt to send the correct warning from pam_winbind when a password 
      change was attempted too early.
    * Don't use cached credentials when changing passwords.
    * Correctly disallow unauthorized access when logging on with the
      kerberized pam_winbind and workstation restrictions are in effect.
    * Save useless round trips in pam_winbind's auth calls.
    * Make the existence of the /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf file
      non-critical and fallback to only parse the argv options in that 
    * Add winbind debug class to the main winbindd process.
    * Be consistent between rpc and ads winbind backend: let the 
      ads backend query the samlogon cache first as well.
    * Ignore BUILTIN groups when searching AD for group memberships.
    * Fix KRB5KDC_ERR_POLICY -> NTSTATUS mapping.
    * Cleanup credential caches from winbind's linked list.
    * Fix 'winbindd -n' for new persistent caches.
    * Fix searching by SID in winbindd.
    * Add "smbcontrol winbind onlinestatus" for debugging purpose.
    * Prefer to use the indexed objectCategory attribute (instead of
      objectClass which is not indexed on AD) in LDAP queries.
    * Free LDAP result in ads_get_attrname_by_oid().
    * Prevent unnecessary storing of password in a WINBINDD_CCACHE_ENTRY.
    * Prevent passwords of winbindd's list of credential caches from 
      being swapped to disk using mlock().
    * BUG 3345: Expand the "winbind nss info" to also take "rfc2307" to 
      support the plain posix attributes LDAP schema from win2k3-r2
      (based on patches from Howard Wilkinson and Bob Gautier).
    * Add more robust code for fallback when lookup_usergroups() fails.
    * Fix 'net rpc join' for winbindd running on a Samba DC.
    * Add help text for new 'net rpc audit' utility.
    * Add net ads search SID.
    * samrQueryDomainInfo level 5 should return the domain name, not our 
      NetBIOS name when we are a DC.
    * Add some more client rpc for the querydominfo calls (from samba4 idl).
    * Process all the supported info levels in the samr_query_domain_info2 
    * Wrap the samr_query_domain_info2() call around 
    * Fix segv in smbctool.
    * Honor the time_offset also when verifying Kerberos tickets.
    * Prevent unnecessary longstanding LDAP connection to eDirectory.
    * Fix segv in smbspool.
    * BUG 1914: Allow to store 24 password history entries in ldapsam.
    * Enhancements to various commands in rpcclient 
    * Don't force 'Administrator' to change an expired password on 
    * Add support for offline mode in winbindd.
    * Provide support in pam_winbind for initializing a user's 
      ticket cache.
    * Implement samr_chgpasswd_user3 server-side.
    * Make pam_winbind more robust when detecting domain users.
    * Add client side support for SAMR_GET_USRDOM_PWINFO.
    * Re-enable strict checking on C++ reserved keywords since Heimdal 
      0.7.2 has been released.
    * Allow renaming of machine accounts in a Samba domain.
    * BUG 3539: Let winbindd try to obtain the gecos field from 
      the msSFU30Gecos attribute when "winbind nss info = sfu" is 
    * Correctly handle acb_info/acct_flags as uint32 not as uint16.
    * Return the real ACB-flags in the SamLogon() reply.
    * Some client side cleanup for the samr set security object 
    * Make sure we always reset the userAccountControl bits when 
      re-joining (net ads join) with an existing account.
    * Document some more MSV1_0 bits and their behavior.
    * Only set the last rebind timestamp when we did rebind 
      after a update LDAP operation to avoid the ldap replication 
      sleep period.
    * Fix incorrect error checking in winbindd for domains with 
      no trusts.
    * Consolidate the parsing of the Krb5 PAC and NET_USER_INFO3 
    * Work around crash bug in MIT krb5 libs when reading a 
      keytab file.  Stop trying to decrypt a ticket as soon as 
      we have a clear indication that the ticket is bad.
    * Merge DCERPC_FAULT constants from the SAMBA_4_0 tree.
    * Adding client side samr querygroup infolevels 2 & 5.
    * Make smbpasswd -a root work for eDirectory where there 
      is no "account" structural objectclass.
    * Make sure we only send out a CLDAP request (net ads) to 
      an connected AD server.
    * Fix a broken LDAP search filter when looking for groups.
    * Add in-tree version of iniparser library from for use by pam_winbind
      (rather than linking in loadparm.c).  Settings are now stored
      in /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf.
    * Fix different extended_dn handling in
      (Thanks to Frederic Brin at Novell).
    * Fix a memleak in winbindd's credentials cache.
    * Protect against crashes in CLDAP request processing.
    * Remove incomplete DfsEnum() info level to avoid an smbd crash.

o   Aleksey Fedoseev 
    * Fix parameter type for 'acl compatibility'.
    * Fixes for msgtest torture tool.
    * Fix crash bug in the file locking code.

o   Arek Glabek 
    *  Fix parsing error on input parameters in eventlogadm.

o   Paul Green 
    * Properly rebuild time limit on systems with executable extensions.
    * Fix build on platforms that do not support shared libs.
    * Remove dead code in the auth_script module. 

o   Bjoern Jacke .
    * Fix DMAPI compile failures on AIX and True64.
    * Fix AIX PIC suffix (use .o instead of .po).
    * Fall back to less-preferred clocks until we find one that we 
      can use if clock_gmtime() is not available at run-time.
    * Fix EA support on AIX platforms.
    * Automatically disable file shares with no explicit path set.
    * Remove the local hack to set the RO bit on directories in 
      user profiles when profile acls = yes.  Rely on EAs instead.
    * Compile fixes for Solaris LDAP client libs.
    * Add DMAPI/XDSM support for AIX.
    * Find JFS DMAPI libs on Linux when only they are available.

o   William Jojo 
    * Fixes for the winbind NSS library on AIX.
    * Fix VFS builds on AIX platforms.
    * Fixes for the AIX version of

o   Leonid Kabanov  
    * BUG 3711: Shell portability fixes for 'make test'.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fixes for various Klocwork defect reports.
    * Fixes for various Coverity defect reports.
    * BUG 3848: Fix WinXP join error in a Samba domain using ldapsam.
    * Fix more potential seg-faults when something on our way to a 
      DC connection fails.
    * Never fall back to using the IP address for a DC's name in RPC 
    * Implement recycle:subdir_mode.
    * Activate RPC-AUTHCONTEXT in "make test".
    * Portability fixes for 'make test'.
    * Correctly set the group RID in init_sam_from_buffer.
    * Fix missing prompt in smbclient.
    * Return correct error code upon success from _net_srv_pwset().
    * Fix Windows XP joins to a Samba domain.
    * Fix 'valid users = +unixgroup' which was failing with smbpasswd
      when mapped to a non-algorithmic rid.
    * Fix regression which upper-cased machine names passed to the
      'add machine script'.
    * Correct parsing error in parse_net.c for user's with no group
    * Fix off by one error in client SPNEGO code and other klocwork
      bug fixes.
    * Memory leak fixes in 'net sam'.
    * BUG 3720: Fix uninitialized error return variable.
    * Default "passdb expand explicit" to no.
    * BUG 3741: Re-enable algorithmic SID mapping in one critical place.
    * Fix user NT token creation when utilizing a username map.
    * More coverity fixes.
    * Fix a VUID bug in 'security = share'.
    * Correctly fill in the gid for local users.
    * Fix some warnings on True64.
    * Add special close handling for fake files.
    * BUG 3788: Fix nss_winbind's getgrouplist() call on AIX.
    * BUG 3435: Fix 'msdfs root = yes' in [homes].
    * Instruct winbindd to find a trusted DC on its own when running on 
      a Samba DC.
    * Fix segv in child winbindd processes caused by a failed tconX 
      to the DC.
    * Dynamically compute the maximum password age based no the 
      last change time rather than reading the must change time 
      from the passdb record.
    * Rewrite mechanisms for handling lookup_{name,sid} resolution.
    * Assign unmapped users to the S-1-22-1 domain and unmapped 
      groups to the S-1-22-2 domain
    * Disable algorithmic mapping for RIDs in tdbsam & ldapsam
    * Remove sql passdb backends.
    * Implement rpccli_samr_set_domain_info()
    * Add initial support for 'net sam' command.
    * BUG 2413: Remove anonymous connections in 'net rpc info'.
    * Implement asynchronous support for trans2 calls.
    * Make smbclient -L use RPC to list shares, fall back to RAP.
    * Ensure that the global SAM SID is initialized before any
      dependent routines are called.
    * Enhance consistency checks on local configuration when joining
      a domain.
    * Fix a memleak in the server registry code for enumeration 
    * Fix an invalid munlock() call in winbindd's credentials cache.
    * Fix compile warnings when passing NULL to snprintf().
    * BUG 3915: Fall back to a pure unix user with S-1-22 SIDs in the
      token in case anything weird is going on with the 'force user'.
    * CVE-2006-3403: Fix minor memory exhaustion DoS in smbd.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * BUG 3814: Only set the DFS capability flag in client requests
      if the share is a DFS root.
    * Fix bug causing previous settings to be re-initialized 
      when parsing new configuration files.
    * BUG 3446: Don't ignore the authentication domain when parsing 
      the SMB URI.
    * Fix cli_setpathinfo() to actually do what it's supposed to.
    * Fix libsmbclient to make correct use of the new "one connection
      per server feature".

o   Jason Mader 
    * Numerous compiler warning fixes.

o   John E. Malmberg 
    * Make smbldap obey config tests.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Fixes for 'make test' on AIX.
    * Ensure we do a wildcard search for SID's starting with the global SAM 
      sid, not an exact search (from John Janosik).
    * Adapt smbclient fix to smbtree to enable long share names.
    * Prevent machines and users with no home directory from 
      getting the previous entries home path when migrating via 
      'net rpc vampire' (based on a patch from Richard Renard).
    * Remove hard-coded LDIF names when dumping a migrated 
      domain's users and groups.
    * BUG 1374: Can't join an OU with name that contains '#'.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Add more tests to 'make test'.
    * Try to make timelimit.c more portable.
    * Fix linking of smbmount tools with --enable-socket-wrapper.
    * Pass 'target:samba3=yes' to samba4's smbtorture when running 
      samba3's make test.
    * Miscellaneous fixes for 'make test'.
    * Add improved support for 'make test' including making 
      use of smbtorture from SAMBA_4_0.
    * Add --no-process-group to all server programs 
      (e.g. timelimit 20000 bin/nmbd -F -S --no-process-group).
    * Add configure tests --with-selftest-prefix=/tmp/samba-test

o   Lars Müller 
    * Fix lock calls in the python tdb bindings.
    * Add -k switch to tdbdump for accessing a single key.
    * Debian packaging fixes.
    * Add -t|--password-from-stdin option to pdbedit as we had 
      with Samba 2.2.
    * Various minor fixes to install scripts used by 'make install'.

o   James Peach 
    * Ensure smbclient always prompts on standard output when in
      interactive mode.
    * BUG 3801, 3805: Fix MIPSPro compiler warnings on IRIX.
    * Introduce command line options to set the remainder of the 
      parameters in dynconfig.c.
    * Avoid pulling in -lpthreads caused by -lrt.
    * Fix build failures on IRIX 6.4 due to DMAPI support.
    * Isolate the slow CLOCK_REALTIME message in the profiling code.
    * Correct comparison logic so that libunwind can be correctly detected.
    * Implement a "stacktrace" smbcontrol option using libunwind's remote
      stack tracing support (ia64 only).
    * Use dynamic buffers in the IRIX nsswitch module to prevent truncation
      of long group lists.
    * New autoconf macro to test for sysconf variables.
    * Change profiling data macros to use stack variables rather than
      globals. This catches mismatched start/end calls and removes
      the need for special nested profiling calls.
    * Rewrite AC_LIBTESTFUNC so that it works like the callers
      of it expect.
    * Use clock_gettime for profiling timstamps if it is available. Use
      the fastest clock available on uniprocessors.
    * Preserve errno in fcntl lock wrappers.
    * Initialize our saved uid and gid so that we can tell when we 
      created the profiling shmem segment and don't bogusly refuse to 
      look at it.
    * Add a new option "enable core files" which can be used to disable 
      automatic core file dumping. 
    * Update our internal copy of popt to that distributed with the RPM 
      4.2 source code.
    * Add support for FAM for file change notification.
    * Disable sendfile if the 'write cache;' has been enabled.
    * Refactor capability interface from being IRIX-specific to 
      using only the POSIX interface.
    * Consolidate core dumping code to aid in debugging.
    * Add support for libunwind to generating a backtrace.
    * BUG 3490: Don't test for ldap or krb5 libs if --without-ldap
      and --without-ads are specified.
    * Allow the user to set winbind nss timeouts in seconds on IRIX.
    * Set the FILE_STATUS_OFFLINE bit by observing the events 
      a DMAPI-based HSM is interested in.

o   Tim Potter 
    * Build janitorial duties.
    * BUG 3725: Put references to $PICFLAGS in quotes.

o   Aruna Prabakar 
    * Show -W option in smbpasswd usage text.

o   ISHIKAWA Tomonori 
    * BUG 2715: Fix nmbd datagram comment buffer size for multibyte 
      character strings

o   Andreas Schwab
    * Correct syntax error in aclocal.m4.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Pam modules install fix.
    * Allow "net changesecretpw" to accept a password via stdin.
    * Implement 'net setdomainsid' command.
    * Ensure that sid -> group conversion are done as root.
    * BUG 3413: Sanity check for existence of 'ldap admin 
      dn' before setting a password in secrets.tdb (based on
      work by William Jojo).
    * New revision of the snprintf replace code.
    * Set the correct sid type when looking up a gid.

o   Todd Stecher 
    * Add TCP fallback for our implementation of the CHANGEPW 
      kpasswd calls.

o   Ronan Waide 
    * Add 'wbinfo -i' functionality to exercise winbindd's getpwnam() 

o   Shlomi Yaakobovich 
    * Fix for machine password time_t overflow.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.22
                            Mar 30, 2006

This is a security release of Samba. The Samba 3.0.21 release 
series (including the patch releases a through c) has been 
discovered to expose the clear text of the server's machine 
account credentials in the winbind log files when the log 
level is set to 5 or higher.  This defect has been assigned 
the CVE number CAN-2006-1059.


The machine trust account password is the secret shared
between a domain controller and a specific member server.
Access to the member server machine credentials allows
an attacker to impersonate the server in the domain and 
gain access to additional information regarding domain 
users and groups.

The winbindd daemon included in Samba 3.0.21 and subsequent
patch releases (3.0.21a-c) writes the clear text of server's
machine credentials to its log file at level 5.  The winbindd
log files are world readable by default and often log files
are requested on open mailing lists as tools used to debug
server misconfigurations.

This affects servers configured to use domain or ads security
and possibly Samba domain controllers as well (if configured
to use winbindd).



                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.21c
                              Feb 24, 2006

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21c include:

  o Access checks when deleting printer driver meta-data.
  o Several non-default combinations schannel and SPNEGO support.
  o Password changes with NT4 and Win2k pre-SP4 clients.
  o High load issues on IRIX caused by a bug when interfacing 
    with kernel oplocks.


Changes since 3.0.21b

o   Michael Adam 
    * Add popt to the include path for examples/VFS.

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix bug in the USC2 macros on big-endian CPUs.
    * Filter deleted oplocks from the output of smbstatus.
    * Remove invalid test check_for_pipe().
    * BUG 3515: Fix kernel oplock support on IRIX.
    * BUG 3522: Fix return value for mkdir request when the directory
      already exists.
    * BUG 3526: Add missing FindNext info levels (diagnosed by Corinna 
    * BUG 3330: Fix username parsing in Kerberos PAC (based on work 
      by Guenther).
    * BUG 3512: Fix cause of "use spnego=no" and "server signing=auto" 
      resulting in a client disconnect after negprot.
    * BUG 3510: Fix 'net join' against a server with client schannel 
    * Fix negprot bug causing a 2k client with cached domain 
      credentials to refuse to connect to a standalone Samba host.
    * Ensure that the correct error is checked when encountering a 
      socket error (fixes crashes in winbindd).

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Fix domain joins from NT4 clients and password changes.

o   Richard Bollinger .
    * Compile fix in pdbedit.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Break RHEL/Fedora packaging out to include a samba-docs rpm.
    * Remove use of /var/cache/samba from RHEL/Fedora packaging.
    * Fix bug in loadparm.c that caused builtin services to be also
      listed as external services (e.g. Spooler, NETLOGON, etc..).
    * Fix bug in the samr dispinfo enumeration code.
    * Add earlier checks to deny deleting a printer driver meta-data.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Add Account Policy LDAP attributes for eDirectory schema.

o   William JoJo 
    * BUG 1870: Make nmblookup do a node status on all IP's when 
    * BUG 2353: Fix clitar -F processing.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix the build for --with-aio-support.
    * Fix remote password changing if password must change is set.
    * Fix rpcclient to obey the -W parameter.
    * Fix segv in smbmount and the profiles tool.
    * Fix typo in pdbedit help text (reported by Karolin Seeger).

o   Vladimir Lettiev
    * Honour the $(DESTDIR) Makefile variable when installing 
      Python extensions.

o   Jason Mader 
    * Compiler warning fixes.

o   Lars Müller 
    * Fix python build with older python versions.
    * Update dhcp.conf files in Debian packaging
    * SWAT welcome file updates
    * Compiler warning fixes.
    * Add .2 to the SONAME as version suffix if we link the nss 
      modules on linux.
    * Add -t|--password-from-stdin option to pdbedit.

o   James Peach 
    * Continue not enabling valgrind on 64-bit Linux.

o   Tim Potter 
    * Remove unused #defines.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Debian packaging updates.

o   Qiao Yang 
    * Make sure to refresh the timestamp on entries in the failed 
      connection code in winbindd.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.21b
                              Jan 30, 2006

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21b include:

  o Server crashes in smbd.
  o Compile issues on 64-bit platforms.
  o Crash bugs on big-endian systems.
  o Packaging fixes for RHEL/Fedora, Solaris, & Debian.
  o Over 30 bugzilla reports closed.


Changes since 3.0.21a

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix the SAMR cache across handles opens and closes.
    * Re-add the talloc_describe_all() function for reporting pool 
    * Merge talloc license change from Samba 4.
    * Fix 64-bit compile warnings reported by gcc.
    * Add the share path into the sharemode db. 
    * Consistency fixes: Remove use of uint8_t -> uint8.
    * BUG 3346: Fix crash bug in big-endian boxes by linearizing 
      structure when passing through the messaging API.
    * BUG 3421: Fix segv in the Kerberos key tab code (Thanks to 
      Luke Deller).
    * Force smbd to exit if the guest account internal setup fails.
    * BUG 3419: vfs_full_audit fixes for multiple connections.
    * Ensure SWAT lists running processes.
    * Fix NTLMv2 interoperability bug between Samba servers.
    * Oplock break logic fixes.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * BUG 3401: Fix crash bug caused by incorrect handling of weak 
      session keys.  Based on original patch from Yau Lam Yiu.

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * BUG 3397: Add USER_INFO_9 for SMS 2003 support (ported from 
      Samba TNG code).

o   Stefan Burkei 
    * BUG 3248: When doing auth_crap authentication use the client 
      given workstation name not our own.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fixing net rpc registry enumerate from overwriting the open 
      subkey handle.
    * BUG 3380: fix crash when changing printer drivers.
    * BUG 3391: ensure we can lookup account policies for failed 
    * Adding query/set ops for security descriptors on services.
    * BUG 3329: Solaris packaging fixes.
    * Better formatting for smbstatus output (based on patch from
      Adam Neilson).
    * Hook the max connections spin box in the share properties 
      MMC plug-in dialog to the 'max connections' smb.conf parameter
      and the 'modify share command' option.
    * Work around building on Solaris when 
      --enable-developer is specified.
    * Add vendor patch level string to VERSION.
    * Consolidate packaging for RHEL4 and Fedora based on initial
      work by jht.  

o   Albert Chin 
    * BUG 3374: Build failures on True64.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Fill in samr_get_dom_pwinfo based on Samba4.
    * Fill in the clientside TRUSTED_DOMAIN_INFO_EX query.
    * Fixes for example script.
    * Prevent 'net rpc' from dumping clear text password at high log 
      levels unless built with DEBUG_PASSWORD.
    * Fix 'net ads user add' with a Windows 2003 SP1 DC.
    * Fix python build.
    * Fix segfault in pdb_nds.c.
    * Don't write null sid mappings into the winbindd_cache.tdb.
    * Save sid_to_name lookup result in winbindd already after doing 
      a successful name_to_sid.
    * BUG 3390: Fix segfault in "net rpc vampire|samdump".
    * BUG 1524, 3205: Support changing expired passwords in 
    * Fix netfileenum returning WERR_BUF_TOO_SMALL in rpcclient.
    * BUG 3264: Allow idmap_ad to load as 'ad'.  Cleanup the way 
      idmap modules are build and loaded, idmap_rid now will have 
      to be loaded without prefix, just "rid".
    * Prevent cli_krb5_get_ticket of getting into an infinite loop. 

o   Andrew Esh 
    * BUG 1061: Fix nmbd to correctly the path to an lmhosts files 
      specified on the command line with -H.

o   SATOH Fumiyasu 
    * End profile fixes.
    * BUG 3348: Don't assume owning sticky bit directory means 
      write access allowed.
    * Fix double free in on failure path in POSIX acl code.

o   Andriy Gapon 
    * BUG 3458: Fix crash bug in smbd and winbindd caused by 
      accessing freed memory.

o   Björn Jacke 
    * Configure check for Tru64 EA functions (not yet implemented).
    * Find Tru64 AIO lib in configure.
    * Cut-n-paste fixes in

o   John Janosik 
    * IBM Tivoli Directory Server schema updates.

o   Michael James 
    * sid2string fix in

o   William JoJo 
    * BUG 3340: Prevent automatic inclusion of AIO support on AIX.
    * BUG 3389: Failures on AIX in linking smbd when the symbol 
      table for ld exceeds 65536 bytes.
    * Add -W to smbpassword so that the ldap admin dn password does
      not have to be specified on the command line.
    * BUG 3408: Fix for external password change programs on AIX.
    * BUG 1779: 64-bit compile fixes.

o   Martin Koeppe 
    * BUG 3287: Match SFU behavior for dev/inode numbers.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 3291: Fix valgrind error in client connection code.
    * BUG 3292: Prevent smbclient from spinning if server terminates
    * BUG 3293: Use SMBecho instead of chkpath to keep a smbclient 
      connection alive smbclient.
    * Add lookupname to rpcclient query_user as a fallback, we now 
      accept both rid and username.
    * Introduce yet another copy of the string_sub function: 
      talloc_string_sub use by AFS token code in winbindd.
    * BUG 3351: pdb_mysql again overwrites password fields.
    * BUG 3384: Fix segv in tdbtool.
    * Use the same CFLAGS for generating the pch as we use to 
      actually compile.
    * Correct typo when compiling the vfs_catia module.
    * Fix automatic recreation of a new tdb sam file.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * Fix parsing of file times (w_time and m_time were reversed).
    * Add additional libsmbclient test programs.
    * BUG 3336: Load networks interfaces in libsmbcliebt after parsing 
      the configuration files.
    * Avoid doing a NetBIOS name query for each server and workgroup 
      enumeration call.
    * Do not open connection when only looking for cached connection.
    * BUG 2651: Add option to log debug messages to stderr instead 
      of stdout.
    * Added flag to not request authentication information.
    * Enhancements to smbwrapper example code.
    * Replace smbwrapper call to dlopen(/lib/libc...) with direct 
      use of RTLD_NEXT.

o   David May 
    * BUG 3329: Shell scripting portability fixes on 'make test'.

o   Tony Mountifield 
    * BUG 3327: fix bad access to gencache.tdb after fork() in 

o   Lars Müller 
    * BUG 3264: Support backwards compatible setups using 
      'idmap backend = idmap_rid'.
    * Add %w macro for the winbind separator.
    * Convert net command to use stderr for error messages rather 
      than stdout.

o   James Peach 
    * Portability fixes in LDAP code.  Don't use non-static array 
    * Support the TCP_FASTACK socket option if it is available. 
    * Tell the MIPSPro compiler to push DEBUG calls out of line.

o   Makr Proehl 
    * BUG 1336: Print the server role when calling testparm in 
      non-verbose mode.

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Crackcheck utility enhancement based on patch sent by 
      Tom Geissler.
    * BUG 3405: Fix segv in vfs_recycle module on platforms wither 
      mode_t is not 32-bits.

o   John Terpstra 
    * RHEL/Fedora spec file patches.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.21a
                              Dec 30, 2005

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21a include:

  o Deadlocks when multiple users access an oplocked file 


Changes since 3.0.21

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * RedHat 9 packaging Fixes.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * eDirectory schema syntax fixes.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 3349: Deadlock caused logic error in oplock code.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.21
                            Dec 20, 2005

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21 include:

  o Missing groups in a user's token when logging in via Kerberos
  o Incompatibilities with newer MS Windows hotfixes and 
    embedded OS platforms
  o Portability and crash bugs.
  o Performance issues in winbindd.

New features introduced in Samba 3.0.21 include:

  o Complete NTLMv2 support by consolidating authentication
    mechanism used at the CIFS and RPC layers.
  o The capability to manage Unix services using the Win32 
    Service Control API.
  o The capability to view external Unix log files via the
    Microsoft Event Viewer.
  o New libmsrpc share library for application developers.
  o Rewrite of CIFS oplock implementation.
  o Performance Counter external daemon.
  o Winbindd auto-detection query methods when communicating with
    a domain controller.
  o The ability to enumerate long share names in libsmbclient 


smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name                      Action
    --------------                      ------
    dfree cache time			New
    dfree command			Per share
    eventlog list			New
    iprint server			New
    map read only			New
    passdb expand explicit		New
    rename user script			New
    reset on zero vc			New
    svcctl list 			Renamed from 'enable svcctl'

Changes since 3.0.20b

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 1828: Fixed SPNEGO issues with PocketPC clients.
    * Added 'map readonly' parameter.
    * BUG 3166: Fix crash in libsmbclient if the $HOME environment is
      not defined.
    * Maintain schannel client session keys in volatile 
    * BUG 2769: Ensure we mangle filenames ending in a space
    * Catch corner case of renaming a symlinked directory into 
    * Ensure that smb.conf requests for hidden files are honored, 
      even when DOS attributes are stored in EA's
    * Add new auth method "auth_script" for calling an external 
    * BUG 2152: Fix for mangled filenames when the client does 
      support long filenames
    * Rewritten implementation of client and server DCE/RPC infrastructure 
    * BUG 3192: Adds a "dfree cache time" parameter.
    * Fix acl evaluation bug found by Marc Cousin.  Only evaluate 
      the S_IWGRP mask in the absence of a POSIX ACL.
    * Remove use of 'long long' in libsmbclient code.
    * Ensure the new canonicalize_servicename() in name/snum hash 
      is multi-byte safe.
    * BUG 2922: Integration of FreeBSD AIO patches from Timur 
    * BUG 3216: Put directory opens into the share mode db so we 
      can treat them similarly to file opens (delete on close, 
      share mode violations etc.).
    * Fix bug in name mangling code when case sensitivity is enabled.
    * Remove external dependencies from the sharemodes library.
    * BUG 3212: Ignore bogus OS/2 set EA values on trans2 calls.
    * Don't misinterpret wild card characters in file names on disk
      as they are actually valid characters.
    * BUG 3223: Fix bug in account policy management when 
      account_pol.tdb settings have been migrating to an LDAP 
    * Allow the hash size of the tdb open (locking) database to be 
      set in local.h.
    * Fix error code returns on client spoolss code.
    * Remove unneeded strncpy use.
    * Fix uninitialized variables warnings.
    * Cleanup smbcacls security descriptor parsing and error codes.
    * BUG 3224: Correctly use machine_account_name and client_name 
      when doing netlogon credential setup.  Fixes winbindd running 
      on a Samba PDC.
    * Backport Samba 4 time zone handling.
    * Fix core dump if setmntent() returns NULL.
    * Replace old crc32 code with one from the FreeBSD tree.
    * Filter stored DOS attributes by SAMBA_ATTRIBUTES_MASK.
    * Remove #define of close -> close_fn macro in libsmbclient.
    * Return early if -1 returned from *BSD EA call (reported by 
    * Name space cleanup by marking local functions static.
    * Move samr enumeration cache from per handle basis to a shared 
    * BUG 3274: Fix invalid smbclient qpath_basic() queries against 
      OS/2 servers (based on patch from Guenter Kukkukk).
    * Ensure default applies to new files (reported by Thomas 
    * BUG 3293: Use SMBecho to testing the server in client rather 
      than SMBchkpath.
    * Merge talloc fixes from Samba 4 branch.
    * Add support DCE/RPC cancel operation.
    * Don't reset attrs to zero in EA get.  Fixes 'hide dot files'
      when using EA for DOS attributes.
    * Fix bug in returning remote time (reported by Thomas Bork).
    * No users or groups to return in BUILTIN domain.
    * Removed separate "builtin" search enumeration.
    * Added count_sam_aliases to return the correct alias count.
    * Correctly handle the LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM error from 
      eDirectory when accessing the universal password.
    * Fix deadlock condition in share mode locking code.
    * Fix logic bug in unix_mask_match().
    * Fix memory leak in SMB client code found by Mikhail Kshevetskiy.

o   Rashid N. Achilov 
    * Add better service description names to the svcctl code.

o   Timur Bakeyev 
    * BUG 3262: Improve FreeBSD DOS attribute error reporting.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Remove another ancient NTLMSSP implementation.
    * Allow machine account logons work if the client gives the 
      appropriate flags. 

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * Add POSIX statvfs() to VFS api.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Eventlog and ServiceControl support.
    * BUG 1051: store the directory path so we can send the full 
      name in the unlink call from smbclient.
    * Use reference count strategy for keeping the registry tdb 
    * Convert internal registry objects to new hierarchical talloc
    * Allow the root user a free pass for access checks in the
      registry and service control checks.
    * Sanity checks in the privilege code to prevent empty SID 
    * Add basic infrastructure for 'make test' when the socket 
      wrapper library is configured at compile time
    * Convert profiles utility to use the current regfio interface 
      for reading and writing user profiles
    * Remove netsamlogon_cache interface
    * Ensure that print jobs are removed even when the cancel 
      command is received before the print cache has been updated
    * Fix linking problem on Solaris when including ACL support.
    * Give root a free pass to open the eventlog tdb files.
    * Fix segfault in addprinter due to mixing talloc() and 
      malloc()'d memory.
    * fix invalid read reported by valgrind in the spoolss 
      backchannel connection.
    * Remove use of 'long long' in perfcounter registry code.
    * BUG 3201: make sure request structure is cleared prior to 
      sending the request to winbindd.
    * Don't count open pipes in the num_files_open on a connection
      (regression from Samba 2.2).
    * Ensure servername hashing code normalizes the name.
    * Fix checks for connect() in -lnsl[_s].
    * Convert eventlog API to use NTSTATUS return codes rather 
      than WERROR.
    * Fix segv in winbindd caused by an uninitialized variable 
      in winbindd_dual_getsidaliases().
    * Allow winbindd to select the appropriate backend methods
      based on the DC attributes and not the security parameter.
    * Re-add the netsamlogon_cache tdb and ensure that user entries
      are updated from the PAC data during Kerberos ticket 
    * Fix lockup when running 'wbinfo -t' on a Samba PDC caused 
      by mangling machine names in sub_set_smb_name().
    * Add smbget to the list of tools built by default.
    * Fix clearing of eventlog tdb files.
    * Fix sequential reads in eventlog support.
    * BUG 2718: Don't use qpathinfo_basic() call when remote server 
      is Win9x.
    * Fix build issues with the Sun compiler.
    * BUG 3156: Don't use find_service() when explicitly looking 
      for a printer.
    * Fix nss_winbind_solaris.c build breakage on HP-UX.
    * Initialize the local group description.
    * Disable WINS and NetLogon services in the MMC services
      plugin when the associated smb.conf features are not enabled.
    * Add checks for invalid characters in new share names on the 
      srvsvc pipe.
    * Fix SWAT installation issues with 'make install'.
    * Always add the BUILTINAdministrators SID to a Domain 
      Admins token.

o   Alex Deiter 
    * BUG 3196: Patch to compile against the Sun LDAP client libs.
      (not for AD support; just ldap support).

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Fixed compile problems and warnings with newer OpenLDAP 
      and OpenSSL libs
    * Fix bug when enumerating trusted domains via 'wbinfo -m'
    * Parse the MS Kerberos PAC to obtain the user group 
      membership during logon.
    * Add support for SeRestorePrivilege to allow a process to 
      change the ownership of a file to any arbitrary account
    * Fix password history storage when using Novell eDirectory for 
      ldapsam storage
    * Backport Kerberos PAC parsing from Samba 4 branch in order to
      correctly create the NT User Token when logging into a Samba 
      member server
    * Add small helper function to return a PAC_LOGON_INFO.
    * Use LDAP bitwise matching rule when searching for groups 
      in ADS.
    * Avoid an infinite loop when retrying to connect in smbspool.
    * Memory leak fixes in the Kerberos PAC parsing code.
    * Improve NT_STATUS error messages returned from pam_winbind.
    * Rename unknown samr group fields in samr structures with 
      the correct name.removed separate "builtin" search enumeration.
    * Cleanup redundant StartTLS code.
    * Allow StartTLS support when connecting to Windows 2003 by
      setting 'ldap ssl = start_tls'.
    * Support raw NTLMSSP session setups in smbspool.
    * Add rpccli_samr_chgpasswd3().
    * Add 'wbinfo --separator'.
    * Uninitialized warnings fixes.
    * Fix return value in client spooler code.
    * Require forced migration of account policies.  

o   Steve French 
    * Fix cifs to handle non-numeric uid and gid parameters.
    * Merge trunk and SAMBA_3_0 mount.cifs code.
    * Cleanup cifs cfs help message.

o   Paul Green 
    * Update to the latest config.guess and config.sub files.

o   Deryck Hodge 
    * Allow control of syslog facility and level in audit vfs modules.

o   S Murthy Kambhampaty 
    * Patches for Fedora RPM specfile and init script

o   Krishna Ganugapati 
    * Use the subtree delete ldap control when running 'net ads 

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * New oplock implementation.
    * Add assert() call if winbindd cannot locate the domain SID in 
      secrets.tdb on startup
    * Fix an annoying timeout in winbindd when nmbd is not running.
    * Speed up loading smb.conf for large numbers of share 
      definitions by adding an internal hashing of names to snums. 
      Thanks to Michael Adam.
    * Fix potential segv in rpcclient's lsarpc calls.
    * Fix bugs in winbindd's use of rpccli_netlogon_getdcname().
    * Fix alignment in getdc response.
    * Allow pdbedit to set the domain for a user account.
    * Fix fallback logic in rpc binds.
    * Fix memleak in message handling code.
    * Fix connection bug to port 445 and 139 after a successful 
      getdcname response.
    * Add additional calls to initialize_krb5_error_table() for 
      Kerberos client code.
    * Implement the possibility to have AFS users as SIDs in pts.
    * Removed unused alternative_name code from winbindd.
    * Protect against NULL alternative_name strings in winbindd.
    * Define a default panic action with -DEVELOPER is defined.
    * Add the capability to reset smbd connections on a zero VC id.
    * Allow smb.conf variable expansion to be disabled in passdb 
    * Add lookupname to rpcclient query_user as a fallback.
    * BUG 3292: Prevent smbclient from spinning when the server 
    * BUG 2191: Fix valgrind error in cli_session_setup_guest().
    * Add samr_lookup_rids for the builtin domain.
    * Memory allocation cleanups in passdb.
    * Restrict samr_open_domain() to our domain only.
    * Change local_lookup_sid() to local_lookup_rid() since it 
      is responsible for our domain only.
    * Fix some uninitialized variable warnings.
    * Fix winbind_lookup_name for the local domain, 

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * Cleanup libmsrpc version numbers.
    * BUG 3257, 3267, 3273: Plug memory and file descriptor leaks.    
    * Fix crash bug in libsmbclient.
    * Add long share name support to libsmbclient when enumerating 

o   Jason Mader 
    * Removed compiler various warnings.

o   Alex Masterov 
    * BUG 3218: Fix XATTR calls on *BSD systems.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Speed up string_to_sid by removing next_token calls and 
      unneeded strncmp() calls.
    * Implement user rename for smbpasswd and LDAP backends.
    * BUG 2961 (partial): Add rename support for user accounts to tdbsam
    * BUG 3187: Fix time zone offset in logon hours restrictions.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Fix setting of quotas on linux kernel with the struct 
      if_dqblk interface
    * Enable sysquota interface on Linux by default
    * Use lp_socket_address() when binding to port 138/udp in nmbd.

o   Brian Moran 
    * Eventlog and ServiceControl support.
    * Added eventlogadm tool for writing Eventlog records.
    * Fix typo when creating Eventlog source DLL registry paths.
    * Add simple script to tail syslog and write records to 
      eventlog tdb.
    * Fix segv in eventlogadm when not event logs are listed in 

o   Lars Müller 
    * Only install smbsh manpage if smbwrapper has been successfully
    * Ensure setmntent() returns with != NULL in the disk_quotas() 
      Linux version.
    * Add configure switch to disable libmsrpc build.
    * Add a soname to libmsrpc.

o   Ricky Nance 
    * Updates for the mklogon perl scripts.

o   Chris Nicholls 
    * New libmsrpc library (Google SoC Project).
    * Fix libmsrpc build of on the Sun compiler by removing empty 
      structure declarations.

o   James Peach 
    * Fix parsing error for smb ports parameter.

o   Tim Potter 
    * BUG 3260: Fix DYNEXP flags on HPUX.

o   Marcin Porwit 
    * Eventlog and ServiceControl support.
    * Added basic Performance Counter daemon which can feed data
      for the Windows perfmon.exe tool.
    * Fix directory permissions in the perfcounter daemon.
    * Add the 'File' registry value for the eventlog keys.

o   Aruna Prabakar 
    * Add iPrint printing backend support.

o   Toomas Soome 
    * Implement host lookups in on Solaris

o   Simo Sorce 
    * Update Debian packaging.

o   John Terpstra 
    * Add 'net idmap' usage help text.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Change license notice of standalone talloc library to LGPL.

o   Darren Tucker 
    o Crash fix for snprintf() code.

o   Rainer Weikusat 
    * Fix function name typo in skeleton VFS code.

Release Notes for older release follow:

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.20b
                             Oct 12, 2005

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.20b include:

  o A crash bug in winbindd
  o Reporting files as read-only instead of returning the 
    correct error code of "access denied"
  o File system quota support defects


Changes since 3.0.20a


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 3088: Fix error condition for files on a read-write share 
      which cannot be read due to permissions.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * BUG 3070: Fix crash bug in qfsinfo when retrieving fs quota 
    * BUG 1473, 3090: Quota detection and compilation problems on 

o   Marc Balmer 
    * Build fixes when builddir != srcdir

o   Alex Deiter 
    * BUG 3145: Fix build issue regarding quota support on Solaris.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 3068: Fix for winbindd crashed by empty DC alternative 

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.20a
                             Sept 30, 2005

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.20a include:

  o Stability problems with winbindd.
  o Crash bugs caused by incompatibilities on 64-bit systems.
  o Missing files from directory listings on AIX servers
  o User Manager interoperability problems.
  o Minor build difficulties on various platforms such as 
    Solaris and OpenBSD, 

Winbind, security = domain, and Active Directory

Recent security updates for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 have 
changed the fashion in which user and group lists can be obtained 
from domain controllers.  In short, the RPC mechanisms used by 
"security = domain" to retrieve users and groups is not compatible 
with these changes.   The "security = ads" configuration is not 
affected by the Windows protocol changes.

Samba developers are actively working to correct this problem in 
the 3.0.21 release.  In the meantime, Administrators who are unable 
to migrate to "security = ads" and must continue using "security = 
domain", can define credentials to be used by winbindd for account
enumeration by executing the following command as root.

	wbinfo --set-auth-user='DOMAINusername%password'


Changes since 3.0.20


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 3065: Fix for legacy clients retrieving a listing of 
      an empty directory.
    * Added external library for accessing Samba's share mode 
    * Fix winbindd credentials chain which caused logon failures 
      after attempting to authenticate an unknown user.
    * Fix recursive looping bug in winbindd.
    * Fix build errors on 64-bit systems.
    * Posix ACL memory leak and crash bug fixes.
    * BUG 3044: Ensure OPEN-EXEC is honored as read-only.
    * BUG 3060: Ensure SMBcreate truncates the file if it exists.
    * Hide dot files and directory logic fixes.
    * Correct display of open file modes by smbstatus.
    * BUG 3010: Fix missing files bug on AIX systems.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Allow the root user to automatically pass se_access_checks()
      in the registry and service control server code.
    * Ensure that winbindd uses the correct name in the net_auth2()
      request when running on a Samba PDC.
    * Fix linking problem with tdb utilities.
    * BUG 3080: Fix regression in 'net rpc shutdown' command.
    * Fix segv in 'net rpc' when the pipe open fails.
    * Fix upload bug when installing 64-bit Windows printer drivers.
    * Fix regression in the smburi syntax used by smbspool.
    * Fix sorting of subkey hash records in registry files.
    * Correct REG_CREATE_KEY_EX parsing error.
    * Interoperability issues with usrmgr.exe and Samba groups.
    * Use the display names and not the Unix names when enumerating
      groups in the ldapsam passdb backend.
    * Ensure that Windows domain user names are converted to lower case.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Prevent BUILTIN sids returned in the user's token from 
      a Windows DC from being applied to any local group mappings
      on the Samba host.
    * Plug memory leaks in the Kerberos keytab code.
    * Ensure BUILTIN groups are returned from winbindd's idmap_rid
      backend when 'winbind nested groups' is enabled.
    * Fix crash bug in winbindd caused by 64-bit build issues.
    * Improve debug messages in smbspool.
    * Give better error-message when "NDS Universal Password" change fails.
    * Fix password history error in the eDirectory schema file.
    * Ensure that Windows domain group names are converted to lower case.

o   Steve French 
    * Allow disabling mandatory byte range lock mount flag, and fix 
      corresponding entry in mtab.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix race condition in the NTcreate&X open code when the 
      disposition is NTCREATEX_DISP_CREATE.
    * Correct logic error when checking the pid for pending print 
      change notify messages.
    * Ensure that winbindd child process complete startup even when
      the parent is receiving authentication requests.
    * Return the full NTSTATUS code to ntlm_auth and pam_winbindd
      when authentication fails.

o   Jason Mader 
    * Compile warning fixes.

o   Uli Meis 
    * Patches for pdb_*sql.c

o   Luke Mewburn 
    * Autoconf syntax fixes.

o   James Peach 
    * Correct problem with creating a core file in Linux.

o   Stefan Metzmacher     
    * Quota fixes in smbd.

o   Peter Rindfuss 
    * Patches for pdb_*sql.c

o   Jiri Sasek 
    * Solaris toolchain patches for autoconf scripts.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fix for tdb clear-if-first race condition.

o   Leo Weppelman 
    * BUG 3104: Don't allow time updates to files on read-only shares.

o   Steve Williams 
    * BUG 3052: Fix compile issues on OpenBSD.

                   Release Notes for Samba 3.0.20
                             Aug 19, 2005

Additional features introduced in Samba 3.0.20 include:

  o Support for several new Win32 rpc pipes.
  o Improved support for OS/2 clients.
  o New 'net rpc service' tool for managing Win32 services.
  o Capability to set the owner on new files and directory
    based on the parent's ownership.
  o Experimental, asynchronous IO file serving support.
  o Completed Support for Microsoft Print Migrator.
  o New Winbind IDmap plugin (ad) for retrieving uid and gid
    from AD servers which maintain the SFU user and group 
  o Rewritten support for POSIX pathnames when utilizing 
    the Linux CIFS fs client.
  o New asynchronous winbindd.
  o Support for Microsoft Print Migrator.
  o New Windows NT registry file I/O library.
  o New user right (SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege) added.
  o New "net share migrate" options.

What happened to 3.0.15 - 3.0.19?

After some discussion it was deemed that the amount of changes 
going into the next Samba 3.0 release needed something to catch
people's attention.  Skipping several releases was chosen as 
the best solution with the least overhead.  There will be no
3.0.15 - 3.0.19 ever released.  The next production release
following 3.0.20 should be 3.0.21.

The original announcement about the version number change can 
be found in the samba mailing list archives:

Asynchronous Winbind Implementation

Winbindd has been completely rewritten in this release to support
an almost completely non-blocking, asynchronous request/reply
model.  This means that winbindd will scale much better in 
large domain environments and on high latency networks.  Neither 
the client interface nor the command line tools (i.e. wbinfo) have 
changed in their calling conventions or syntax.  However, due to 
internal structure changes, it is required (more so than normal) 
that you install the library included in this release.

Support for Microsoft Print Migrator

Samba 3.0.20 includes full support for migrating printers from 
Windows servers or other Samba servers via the Microsoft Print 
Migrator tool.  Restoring printers requires a working "add printer 
command" defined in smb.conf.  Current support also allows
administrators to create a master list of printer drivers which
can be restored in bulk on new (or existing) Samba installations.

Asynchronous IO Support

Experimental support for async IO has been added to smbd for 
certain platforms.  To enable this new feature, Samba must be 
compiled to include the --with-aio-support configure option.
In addition, the "aio read size" and "aio write size" to non-zero
values.  See the smb.conf(5) man page for more details on these 


smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name                      Action
    --------------                      ------
    acl check permissions		New
    acl group control			New
    acl map full control		New
    aio read size			New
    aio write size			New
    enable asu support 			New
    inherit owner			New
    ldap filter				Removed
    map to guest			Modified (new value added)
    max stat cache size			New
    min password length			Removed
    printer admin			Deprecated
    username map script			New
    winbind enable local accounts	Removed
    winbindd nss info			New

Changes since 3.0.14a


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * BUG 2533: Fix incorrect directory listings for OS/2 clients.
    * Ensure the old SMB search calls always ask mask_match() to 
      translate patterns like ????????.???.
    * Split out the check_path_syntax() into a findfirst, findnext,
      & wildcard versions.
    * Fix checks for matching groups in an file ACL against the
      user's primary and supplementary group list.
    * BUG 2541: Ensure we recognize LANMAN2.1 as OS/2 and select 
      LANMAN2 protocol, ensure the EA size is always correctly 
      set on a query for a file with no EA's.
    * BUG 2551: Look at the incoming flags2 flag 
      FLAGS2_LONG_PATH_COMPONENTS determines if a reply is 
      uppercased on a SMBsearch request, not the protocol level.
    * Added "volume" command to smbclient that prints out the 
      volume name and serial number.
    * Added "fix for broken SMB_INFO_VOLUME level used by OS/2.
    * Add support for OS/2 Extended Attributes.
    * Correctly check OpenX open modes.
    * Ensure allocation size is correctly returned for OpenX. 
    * Only set allocation on create/truncate for nttrans.
    * Fix oplock bug in trans2open() code.
    * Remove unix_ERR_XXX global nastiness.
    * Only do the strange DOS error for openX, not trans2open.
    * Ensure SMBopen replies includes the share modes as well as 
      open modes.
    * BUG 2581: Add size limit (in kb) to stat cache.
    * Fix bug in the trans2 secondary processing.
    * BUG 2601: Enforce DOS_OPEN_EXEC to mean read-only.
    * Add an SMB counter per connection struct for gathering
      profiling data.
    * BUG 2605: Ensure smbclient doesn't perform commands if 
      the "chdir" fails in a scripted set.
    * Ensure a 'forced group' is added to the list of effective
      gids when processing ACLs.
    * Refactor rpc_bind structures for better future work.
    * BUG 2942: Add missing value in debug message.
    * BUG 2946: Fix regressions in str[n]cmp_w) functions found
      by 'mangling method = hash'.
    * Fix memory leaks in the msdfs trans2 server code.
    * Convert msdfs server to be talloc'd based.
    * Fix up stackable vfs interface.
    * Fix rpc fault when encountering an unknown rpc_bind auth 
    * BUG 2954: More AIX 5.1 AIO compile fixes.
    * Fix valgrind bug in interaction with new aio buffer (found
      by Volker).
    * BUG 2878: Fix Norton commander not running on OS/2 clients. 
    * Cleanup SAMR user info structure naming.
    * BUG 2889:  Fix directly listings from OS/2 clients.
    * Added "acl group control" parameter.
    * Add debug warning if AddPrinterEx() is called without having
      an 'add printer command'  defined.
    * Add better log messages when modifying ldap entries.
    * BUG 2829: Fix strXX_w() functions on non-x86 platforms when 
      when string is unaligned.
    * BUG 2918: Fix SMB chaining by ensuring that deferred open 
      message buffer is nor reused.
    * Add support for client setting capabilities to select posix 
      pathnames on the wire.
    * Stop using C++ reserved words so that Samba can be compiled 
      using g++.  Also allows VFS modules in C++.
    * More fixes to allow better large directory scaling.
    * BUG 2827: Ensure we call the vfs connection hook before 
      doing a vfs stat.  Allows database vfs backends to initialize 
      with a working connection.
    * BUG 2826: Ensure the correct return value for symlink and 
      readlink in the VFS.
    * Merge handling of ASN.1 objects bigger than 64k from Samba 4.
    * Added AIO support to smbd.
    * Add "acl map full control", true by default, to allow people 
      to change mapping of rwx to full control or not.
    * Transition smbd to use NTcreate&X for internal file opens.
    * Add checks against the current effective group id (e.g. force 
      user) when testing write permissions one ACLs.
    * Fix FindFirst/FindNext server code when parsing directories
      on old IRIX XFS file systems (thanks to Cale Fairchild
      for the debugging help).
    * BUG 2644: Test for special files to be ignored was reversed.
    * Ensure yield_connection() is called on all appropriate error
    * Fix EDEADLCK problem with deferred open calls.
    * BUG 2622: Remove DPTR_MASK as it makes no sense.
    * Fix the write cache based on some VERY good detective work
      from Ingo Kilian.
    * BUG 2346: Fix read-only excel file bugs.
    * Don't wrap the setfsinfo call in HAVE_QUOTA as they'll just 
      return ENOSYS if not implemented.
    * Add new CAP for POSIX pathnames.
    * BUG 2703: Add NULL guard for disp_fields[0].
    * BUG 2681: With "strict allocate = yes" we now zero fill when 
      a file is extended. Should catch disk full errors on write
      from MS-Office.
    * Add "acl check permissions" to turn on/off the new 
      behavior of checking for write access in a directory 
      before delete. 
    * Refactor printing interface to take offset into job. 
    * Allow mapping of POSIX ACLs to NT perms to differentiate 
      between directories and files.
    * Added encrypt/decrypt function for LSA secrets and trusted
      domain passwords on the wire.
    * BUG 2729: Resume keys are *mandatory* for a search when 
      listing a W2K and above server from a FATxx filesystem only.
    * BUG 2735: Ensure that smbd mangles control characters in file 
      and directory names.
    * Refactor small pieces of socket handling code (in conjunction 
      with Derrell).
    * BUG 2698: Fix infinite listing loop in smbclient caused by
      an invalid character set conversion.
    * Add client code that will abort a directory listing if we 
      see the same name twice between packets.
    * Performance improvements in trans2 qfilepathinfo code by 
      removing unnecessary memset() calls.
    * Rewrite the RPC bind parsing functions to follow the 
      spec; fixes bug with 64-bit Windows XP and OS X 10.4.
    * BUG 2774: Set sparse flag if needed when returning 
      file attributes.
    * Fix errors listing directories from Windows NT clients 
      which caused "." and ".." to show up in explorer.exe.
    * Merge of error code fixes from SAMBA_4_0 branch.
    * BUG 2801: Fix regression in the "delete veto files" option.
    * Fix based on work from  Shlomi Yaakobovich to catch loops 
      in corrupted tdb files.
    * Allow someone with SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege to chown the 
      user of a file to herself.
    * Fix minor compiler warnings in printing/printing.c.
    * Merge new DOS error code from SAMBA_4.
    * Fix issue when non-English characters in filenames and 
    * Fix bogus error message in smbstatus about unknown share modes.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Support raw NTLMSSP authentication for Windows Vista 
    * Fix parallel NTLMSSP processing by removing global state.
    * BUG 2684: Add per service hosts allow/deny checks for 
      printers when  connecting via MS-RPC.
    * BUG 2391: Fix segv caused by free a static pointer returned 
      from getpwnam().
    * Support Kerberos authentication in smbd when using a keytab
      and participating in a non-Microsoft Kerberos realm.

o   Timur Bakeyev 
    * BUG 2546: Add support for FreeBSD EA API
    * Fix detection of FreeBSD 7.x platforms in autoconf checks.
    * BUG 2908: Fix string length logic error in msdfs code.
    * BUG 2909: Fix typo that caused smbd to call the wrong 
      aio_fsync function.

o   Ed Boraas .
    * Added Linux per-socket TCP settings.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Added support for svcctl pipe rpcs.
    * Added 'net rpc service' subcommand for managing Win32 
    * Refactoring work on the rpc [un]marshalling layer and 
    * Verify privilege name in 'net rpc rights privileges' in 
      order to provide better error messages.
    * Cleanup rpc structures in rpc_spoolss.h.
    * Cleanups and fixes for the winreg server code.
    * Cleanup of rpc structures used by LsaEnumerateTrustedDomains.
    * Fix bugs in client spoolss code after refactoring work.
    * Fix Valgrind warnings of invalid reads in the spoolss 
      server code.
    * Fixed a segv when enumerating services on a Samba host.
    * Fix segv in the service control server code.
    * Fix crashes in client spoolss calls caused by not checking 
      for a valid pointer from the caller.
    * Fix regression in DeleteDriver() server routines.
    * Fix dup_a_regval() when size is 0.
    * Fix usrmgr.exe crash when viewing user properties at 
      debuglevel 10.
    * Do not enumerate any privileges when 'enable privileges = no'
      and log a message if a client tries.
    * BUG 2872: Fix cut-n-paste error when checking pointer value 
      in ntlmssp_set_workstation().
    * Fix upgrade path from earlier nt*tdb files.
    * Removed print handle object cache.
    * BUG 2853: Don't strip out characters like '$' from printer 
      names when substituting for the lpq command.
    * BUG 2557: Gracefully fail on unsupported SetPrinter() levels.
    * Fix build issues on x86_64-linux systems caused by valgrind 
      headers.  Thanks to Bent Vangli to the suggestions.
    * Refactor spoolss client calls.
    * Adding 'username map script'.
    * Disable schannel on the LSA and SAMR pipes in winbindd client 
      code to deal with Windows 2003 SP1 and Windows 2000 SP4 SR1.
    * Cleanup of winreg API functions.
    * Add server stubs for RegSetKeySec() and RegGetKeySec().
    * Map generic bits to specific bits in reg_open_entry() 
    * Add write support to registry tdb and printing backends.
    * Use tdb lookups rather than hard-coding certain registry 
      value names and data.
    * BUG 2808: don't try to install man pages if they are not 
    * Fix initialized variables reported by valgrind.
    * Normalize key lookups in ntprinters.tdb.
    * Mark "enumports command" as deprecated.
    * Add missing class file for python share command example.
    * Fix smbclient build issue on Solaris.
    * BUG 2626: ensure that the calling_name is set to something 
      after parsing smb.conf (if not set via -n).
    * Use "add machine script" when creating a user (ACB_NORMAL)
      who has a name ending in '$' (e.g. usrmgr.exe creating
      domain trust accounts).
    * Add 'rid' synonym for idmap_rid IDMap module.
    * Ensure that we set full access on the handle returned 
      from _samr_create_dom_{alias,group}() so that future 
      set_{alias,group}() commands succeed.
    * Fix bug when looking for internal domains in winbindd
      (caused winbindd_getgrgid() for local groups to fail).
    * Fix query and set alias info calls (level 1 from the MMC 
      manage computer plug-in.
    * Remove bogus log messages about unknown specversions.
    * BUG 2680: copy files from an MS-DFS win2k root share
    * BUG 2688: re-implement support for the -P (--port) option
    * Support connecting to an 'msdfs proxy' share on a Samba
    * Strip the directory path from cups command line printing 
    * Fix bug that prevented smbclient from creating directories 
      on non-dfs paths.
    * Deprecate the "printer admin" parameter in favor of the 
    * Add the capability to read and write WinNT regf registry 
    * Implement access checks for RegOpenXXX() server calls.
    * Extend registry client rpc calls.
    * Add "net rpc registry" set of commands.
    * Remove testprns tool.
    * Ensure that printer ACLs use the specific bits as well as 
      the generic bits.  Upgrade existing ntprinters.tdb SECDESC 
    * Add server support for RegSaveKey() for dumping registry 
      trees to a regf file.
    * Add "enable asu support" smb.conf parameter.
    * Merge various small file changes from trunk.
    * Remove "winbind enable local accounts" support.
    * Remove "ldap filter" smb.conf option.
    * Remove editreg utility (needs to be rewritten using regfio.c).
    * Fix build failure when running 'make torture' without first 
      running 'make all' first.
    * BUG 1261: Remove unusable libbiconv from iconv detection 
      in configure.
    * Add new option for "map to guest".  "Bad Uid" re-enables the
      Samba 2.2 behavior of mapping authenticated users to the
      guest account if there does not exist a valid Unix account 
      for the Windows domain user (based on patch from
    * Fix a couple of regressions after introduction of new winbindd.
    * Fix smbpasswd user password change (still worked by bad error
      messages) due to trying to strdup a NULL pointer.
    * Implement default security descriptors for the
      OpenService[Manager]() calls and check requested access mask 
      at connect time.
    * Include access checks on handle mask for svcctl operations
      such as ControlService() and StartService().
    * Implement simulated start and stop service control for 
      the spooler service as a per smbd service state value.
    * Add interface structure for controlling service via rc.init
      scripts (incomplete).
    * Convert move_driver_to_download_area() to use copy_file()
      rather than moving the files.
    * Add version number to registry.tdb file since it can be 
      modified now.
    * Remove over-paranoid assert() call when checking spoolss 
      buffer pointers
    * Fix error in EnumPrinterData() reported by valgrind.
    * Fix broken help links in SWAT editor caused by new doc layout.
    * Ensure that a domain structure in winbind is initialized prior
      to assigning the methods for communicating to a DC.
    * BUG 3000: Remove background updates of winbind cache and allow
      child processes to immediately update and expired cache entry.

o   David.Collier-Brown  
    * Added panic action script for Solaris.

o   Jeremy Cooper 
    * Added support for several new winreg client rpcs.

    * BUG 2792: Ensure the shadow copy module hooks seekdir, 
      telldir, rewinddir to match updated large directory code.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Close handles on group creation in rpcclient to better 
      support mass group account creation.
    * Fix account policy key lookup for minimum and maximum
      password lengths.
    * Fix some compiler warnings and add missing exclude-block 
      in 'net rpc share migrate'.
    * Allow use of a non-default smb.conf by rpcclient.
    * Fix querydispinfo search semantics in rpcclient test code.
    * Fix querydispinfo server semantics to allow to list more 
      then 511 users.
    * Fix server crash bug in ancient OpenPrinter() call.
    * Fix a crash bug when enumerating privileges via the LSA 
    * Fix crash in EnumPrinterKey() client calls caused by previous 
      refactoring work.
    * Various compiler warning fixes.
    * Fix segfault in the client AddPrinterEx-call of 'net 
      rpc printer'.
    * Fix build issues when --with-aio-support is enabled.
    * BUG 2502: Removed the deprecated 'min passwd length parameter'.
    * Honour the CC environment variable in python build.
    * Fix searches in pdb_ldap for inter-domain trust accounts.
    * Don't expand the %L in %LOGONSERVER% from user attributes.
    * Fix bug in 'net rpc vampire' that caused accounts to be created 
      with no assigned ACB flags.
    * Fix enumeration of builtin-aliases.
    * Avoid unset rids for builtin-aliases.
    * Add 'recycle:touch_mtime = true' vfs option for the recycle bin.
    * More "net rpc share migrate" fixes.
    * Merge PADL's idmap_ad plugin (taken from the latest 
    * Add support for "idmap backend = ad" when "security = ads".
    * Add home directory and shell support from AD via "winbindd nss 
      support = sfu" and "security = ads".
    * Provide better feedback when we fail share-manipulation 
      due to missing scripts.
    * Correctly substitute "" as default winbind separator in example share command script.
    * Document pam_winbind.c to clarify the working status of
      require-membership-of option.
    * Added client-support for various lsa_query_trust_dom_info()
      calls and a rpcclient-tester for some info-levels.
    * Add "net rpc trustdom vampire" tool (in conjunction with 
      Lars Mueller).
    * Add missing cli_srvsvc_net_share_set_info-function and
      rpcclient-testers (in preparation for net share acl migration).
    * Print trusted domain passwords returned via rpcclient in 
      display charset.
    * Error code fixes when attempting to manipulating 
      non-existent shares.
    * Cleanup "net share migrate" code. 
    * Allow to touch mtime in vfs-recycle with "recycle:touch_mtime 
      = true".
    * Allow admins to uncheck the "User must change Password at 
      next Logon" checkbox in User manager (merge from trunk).

o   Renaud Duhaut  
    * BUG 1040: Add directory_mode parameter when creating recycle

o   Steven Edwards .
    * Use chsize() if we don't have ftruncate().

o   Rodrigo Fernandez-Vizarra 
    * BUG 1780: Add Kerberos (file based ticket cache) support 
      to smbspool.

o   Steve French 
    * Update list of mount options for mount.cifs.
    * Add more defines for POSIX extensions to match the newly 
      added client implementation.
    * Add initial support for cifs umount utility.
    * Fix cifs mounts to handle commas embedded in prompted 
      password, and password and credential files.
    * Fix cifs mounts to handle domain name and user name in 
      username field (in form domainuser).
    * Add missing error code mappings when a client unsuccessfully 
      tries to create a hard-link.
    * Add support so umount.cifs can update mtab.
    * Add two newer mount options to syntax help for mount.cifs.
    * Add missing remount flag handling.
    * Allow domain= to be specified in credentials file. 
    * Fix umount.cifs help, allow root to unmount someone else's
    * Lock mtab when updating it during umount.cifs, also delete
      only one matching entry at a time.
    * Fix minor compiler warnings in the mount.cifs helper.

o   Deryck Hodge 
    * BUG 2137: Encode quotes for display in HTML (original patch 
      from Jay Fenlason).

o   Olaf Imig 
    * BUG 1998: Correct byte ordering bug when storing 16-bit RAP 
      print job ids.
    * BUG 2653: Fix segv in rpcclient OpenPrinterEx() call.

o   Björn Jacke 
    * Added ioctl constants reported by msbackup.exe and filemon.exe.

o   Kevin Jamieson  
    * BUG 2819: Fix typo when checking for ".." in smbd's statcache.

o   John Janosik 
    * BUG 2077: Correctly fill in the correct server name when 
      processing trusted domain logins.
    * BUG 2976: Mark logons for unknown domains with a 
      non-authoritative response.

o   William Jojo 
    * AIX AIO fixes.

o   Guenter Kukkukk 
    * BUG 2541: Fix copying of file(s) from samba share to an OS/2 
      local drive.

o   Tom Lackemann 
    * BUG 2242: Patch to ensure that we only set the security 
      descriptor on an NTtransact create if we created the file.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Port some of the non-critical changes from HEAD to 3_0. 
      The main one is the change in pdb_enum_alias_memberships 
      to match samr.idl a bit closer.
    * Close handles on user creation in rpcclient to better 
      support mass user account creation.
    * Implement client RAP calls for enumusers/enumgroups level 0.
    * Implement a new caching API for enumerating the pdb elements.
    * Convert the RAP user and group enumeration functions to the 
      utilized the pdb_search API. 
    * BUG 2438: Partial fix for 'net rpc trustdom establish' in 
      RestrictAnonymous environments.
    * Internal passdb API changes for better search capabilities
      (based on original work by Guenther Deschner).
    * Fix various compiler warnings.
    * Add chain length statistics to tdbtool.
    * Fix set afs ACL calls on files and directories in the root of 
      a share.
    * Refactoring work on internal open code
    * Correctly initialize the version in a new set of nt*tdb files.
    * Remove smb_run_idle_events() from main process loop in smbd 
      and instead rely upon the timeout processing to handle 
      dropping idle LDAP connections.
    * Fix the bug where users show up as trusting domains.
    * Fix an assertion failure in winbindd.
    * Fix a memleak in vfs_afsacl.
    * Various compiler warning fixes.
    * Fix compile when --enable-socket-wrapper is defined.
    * Fixes for top level acls in vfs_acl.c.
    * Refactor passdb interface functions.
    * Compile fixes when '#define PARANOID_MALLOC_CHECKER 1'.
    * Correct 2 segv's in "net rpc printer migrate".
    * Return correct group type from smbd for BUILTIN groups.
    * Backport the talloc() layer from Samba 4.
    * BUG 2701: Fix segv in ldap reconnection code.
    * BUG 2705: Fix segv when connecting from usrmgr.exe.
    * Use the SID in the user token for the %s expansion in 'afs 
      username map'.
    * Memory leak fixes in passdb code.
    * BUG 2720: Fixes for "net usersidlist".
    * BUG 2725: Fix segv in "net ads user".
    * Only allow schannel connections if a successful Auth2 
      has been previously performed.
    * Don't look at gencache.tdb for the trusted domains if 
      winbind is present.
    * Rewrite winbindd using an asynchronous process model.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Compiler warning cleanups.
    * smbwrapper Makefile and compile time check cleanups.
    * Adding robustness checks for tdbdump and tdbtool.
    * Extend tdb command line parsing to arbitrary hex characters.
    * Add LOCKING debug class.
    * Fix more compiler warnings.

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * add support for opening a file for write with O_APPEND 
      in libsmbclient.
    * Added smbsh/smbwrapper for Linux to example/libsmbclient 
    * Fix smbc_stat() from returning incorrect timestamps IFF 
      it used cli_qpathinfo2() to retrieve the timestamps (Win2k) 
      and not if it used cli-getatr() to retrieve the timestamps 
    * Fix handful of compiler warnings.
    * BUG 2498, 2484: smbc_getxattr() fixes.
    * BUG 1133: Added provision for overloading some global 
      configuration options via the new, per-user file 
    * BUG 2543: Properly cache anonymous username when reverting 
      to anonymous login, in libsmbclient.
    * BUG 2505: Fix large file support in libsmbclient.
    * BUG 2564: Ensure correct errno when smbc_opendir() was called 
      with a file rather than a directory.
    * Correct deprecated lvalue casts in testsuite/libsmbclient.
    * BUG 2663.  cli_getattrE() and cli_setattrE() were not 
      formatting or parsing the timestamp values correctly.
    * Correctly detect AF_LOCAL support in configure.
    * Fix problem updating file times on Windows 98 hosts using 
    * Fix compile breakage on Solaris by eliminating the use of 
      ctime_r() in libsmbclient DEBUG statement.

o   Jason Mader 
    * BUG 2483, 2468. 2469, 2478, 2093: Compiler warning fixes.
    * Various compiler warning fixes about mistyped variables.
    * BUG 2882, 2885, 2890, 2891, 2900: Various compiler warning fixes 
      and code  cleanups.
    * BUG 2527, 2538: Removed unused variables.

o   Marcel 
    * Fix regression in OS/2 trans2 open code.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Fixes for samr_lookup_rids() when using ldapsam:trusted=yes
      (in conjunction with Volker).
    * BUG 2953: Prevent the credentials chain on DC gets out 
      of sync with client when NT_STATUS_NO_USER is returned.
    * Added subcommands to "net rpc vampire" (mostly done by Don 
      Watson ) to allow data to be put into an 
      ldif file instead of actually writing to the passdb.  
    * BUG 2736: Add retries to workaround winbind race condition 
      with detecting idle clients.
    * BUG 2953: Additional fixes for domain trusts.  Also clears
      up the "bad stub" error when attempting to logon to a Samba
      domain with a bad username.

o   Luke Mewburn 
    * Compiler warning fixes.

o   Kalim Moghul 
    * Removed unused printmode command from smbclient.

o   Lars Müller 
    * Re-enable the VERSION_REVISION option in case of another 
      letter release.
    * Fix spoolss python bindings after C++ compiler changes and 
      other python fixes.
    * BUG 2659: Don't trump on memory in smbtorture.
    * BUG 2060: Add -fPIC which is the case for all other Samba 
      shared libs.
    * Fix argv parsing in "net rpc".
    * Add support to create position independent executable (PIE) 
      code if the compiler supports it.
    * BUG 2767: Add new options to testparm (--show-all-parameters,
      --parameter-name, and --section-name).
    * Fix net share migrate files to also migrate the ACLs of 
      the top level dir of a share.

o   Marcel Muller 

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