Report Cyber Blackmail & Extortion

Cyber blackmail and extortion is an online crime in which hackers hold your data, website, computer systems, or other sensitive information hostage until you meet their demands for payment. It often takes the form of ransomware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, both of which could paralyze your business.

Incident Response Team

If your organization needs immediate assistance responding to a possible cyber crime, hacking incident a or data breach, please call one of the 24/7 Incident Response Hotlines listed below for advise or operational support.

Incident Response Hotlines

Europe: +31558448040
United Kingdom: +442080899944
International: +85239733884

Our Solutions

We will examine the claim and if fraud is detected we will submit a take-down notice to the ISP or online service provider.

We specialize in recovery of data from mobile phones and portable devices. We recover SMS, Calls, Emails, Media, VoIP data, GPS, Internet History, Whatsapp, Viber, Signal, Telegram, Deleted Data, Cloud Sources and all Cell ID Data.

Digitpol a global cyber crime investigation agency is providing assistance to affected firms by provide rapid assistance with freezing funds wired to fraudsters accounts and liaison with local authorities to recover the stolen funds.