How do you feel about the elimination of the terms ‘blacklist’ and ‘slave’ from the Linux kernel?

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[{“id”:”112″,”title”:”I strongly support this change – racially charged language should not be used in the code and documentation of the kernel and other open-source projects.”,”votes”:”6″,”type”:”x”,”order”:”1″,”pct”:23.08,”resources”:[]},{“id”:”113″,”title”:”I’m indifferent – this small change will not affect broader issues of racial insensitivity and white privilege.”,”votes”:”3″,”type”:”x”,”order”:”2″,”pct”:11.54,”resources”:[]},{“id”:”114″,”title”:”I’m opposed to this change – there is no need to change language that has been used for years. It doesn’t make sense for people to take offense to terminology used in community projects.”,”votes”:”17″,”type”:”x”,”order”:”3″,”pct”:65.38,”resources”:[]}]


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