This roll out will result in a vast and rapid increase in the number of police officers and police staff across all departments, so the programme has developed a dedicated resource centre to support forces in rolling out the new tools. Known as ‘The Enabling Centre’ this dedicated SharePoint site which will be available to National Enabling Programmes (NEP) forces to provide a one-stop-shop for all the key advice and assets that can be used to help colleagues understand and realise the potential of the new technology now available in forces. The content includes sections for the key in force teams who will support their wider force, colleagues in change teams, L&D teams and communications will be able to access use and adapt specifically designed training videos, presentations, communications templates and importantly strategy and tactical tips to ensure they are able to support new users.

On Wednesday 23 September, over 80 colleagues from around the country joined a special webinar to get a preview of just what is on offer.

The event included a whistle stop tour of the five main sections of the Enabling Centre: Ways of Working, Benefits, Champions, L&D and Communications. Attendees were able to see where all the guidance documents and creative assets are located so they can download and use them for their own delivery channels.

Programme director Wayne Parkes introduced the session. He said: “We were delighted to premiere the Enabling Centre today and show all the assets we have available to bring this programme alive in forces. “Demonstrating to our officer and staff colleagues the opportunities and benefits of adopting M365– and what is can deliver for our communities – will be vital is we are to fully exploit these tools.”

The event was the first in the latest series of Wednesday Webinars, which are hosted for policing each week with the support of Microsoft and the wider NEP project team to support forces in both using the tools and delivering real change in processes to realise the benefits of using modern online technology in a secure and controlled police environment. A recording of the webinar is available via

  • Georgina Henley

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