• Richard Stallman Explains Why Open Source Misses the Point and “is Not Enough”

    Ignoring the weak English in the above subtitles, this is a public appearance in which GNU’s founder explained why “Open Source” missed the point (that’s Bruce Perens sitting beside him)

  • Codes of Conduct and Hypocrisy

    Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

  • [Meme] Turning ‘Open Source’ Into Another Proprietary Software Monopoly

    Create a new messenger, dilute the message, aggregate everything in one place (centralisation), pass the whole proprietary collective to the fiercest enemy of software freedom and then declare that “open source has won” (it just means monopoly has won or taken over the competition/counterparts)

  • Studying the History of Free (Libre) Software and the Early Attempts to Co-opt it in the Mid/Late 1990s

    Techrights has undertaken the task of long-term examination of the history of Free software, in particular the point at which corporations were taking control of the whole thing (under the banner of “Open Source”)

  • [Meme] Drinking Proprietary Software Kool-Aid in the Name of ‘Open Source’

    Beware organisations that do not practise what they preach; they may in fact represent the interests not of what they’re called after

  • Promoting Free Software and Free Communications on Social Control Media Networks

    Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock

  • IRC Proceedings: Monday, August 31, 2020

    IRC logs for Monday, August 31, 2020

  • [Meme] An ‘Open’ FSF

    The FSF must not get carried away and let itself be absorbed by the very attack on software freedom

  • Connecting Software Freedom and Human Rights

    Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock

  • Apologies for MP4 (a Patent Trap)

    The software patents trap, MP4, which companies like Mozilla needed to pay a licence to use, is currently being used (for recently-uploaded and locally-hosted videos), but we’ve developed software tools to replace that, maintaining broad browser/platform support whilst at the same time respecting software freedom a bit better

  • Key Parts of the Latest Talk From Bruce Perens, Who Seemingly Wants to Go Back to Freedom (Because ‘Open’ Became Increasingly Meaningless and Users Are Harmed)

    Inspired by this very good and thought-provoking talk from Bruce Perens (published about a week ago), we’ve cropped the relevant parts, which we think help narrow down a one-hour talk into a few minutes (00:01:00 – 00:12:20). Notice to what degree Mr. Perens shares our views and interpretations, e.g. regarding the Linux Foundation and OIN.

  • Linux Would Never Have Been Mainstream Without GNU (We Could be Living in a BSD/UNIX World or Just More of Microsoft)

    The licence crafted by Richard Stallman, as well as the GNU Project (lots of basic but invaluable utilities), helped make Linux what it is today; it’s good that the value of the licence is still being recognised, but bashing “where it came from” (so to speak) is disrespectful and opportunistic because Stallman says less obscene and controversial things than those insults from the founder of Linux

  • The Linux Kernel Needs to Reject Rust for the Same Reason Linus Torvalds Rejects GitHub (Where Rust is Hosted and Developed)

    Developing frameworks on Microsoft servers is a very bad idea (it has also led to censorship of Microsoft critics); this is the last thing Linux needs to become dependent on at this stage

  • Links 31/8/2020: Linux 5.9 RC3, PinePhone Manjaro, 4MLinux 33.2, Q4OS 3.12, Blender 2.90 and LXD 4.5

    Links for the day

  • Freedom From Censorship on Mailing Lists

    Reprinted with permission from the Free Software Fellowship

  • IRC Proceedings: Sunday, August 30, 2020

    IRC logs for Sunday, August 30, 2020

  • [Meme] Microsoft Loves (Patents Inside) Linux

    “Microsoft Loves Linux”… with more software patent traps inside it (submarine patents, too)

  • Where Do All the Censored Developers Go?

    Reprinted with permission from the Free Software Fellowship

  • FSF Censorship of Richard Stallman Supporters

    Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock

  • The Linux Foundation is Not Even Using Linux to Prepare and Publish the Linux Kernel History Report

    The “something” Foundation (something they make money from, without even using it, supporting it, let alone understanding it) is outsourcing almost everything to Microsoft (GitHub, proprietary software). It’s just constantly milking the trademark of Linus Torvalds to make a lot of money and now it uses Apple and proprietary software to prepare a report about Linux (maybe Linux Foundation is the wrong name for it).

  • Links 30/8/2020: Fedora on ThinkPads, Wine-Staging 5.16, DebConf20 Finishes

    Links for the day

  • Google, Money and Censorship in Free Software Communities

    Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

  • [Meme] Sponsorships Without Proper Disclosure (More Like Bribes That Help Gag Critics)

    ‘Surveillance capitalism’ money is still a liability to one’s reputation in the Free software world (the spying apparatus is always looking for something in return)

  • Can Volunteers Sue Debian?

    Reprinted with permission from Debian Community News

  • Publication 101: Reporting, Stenography, Leaks, Whistleblowing and Investigative Journalism

    The way to perceive news sites (based on my personal understanding and experiences, having left the site Datamation, where I encountered the censorious behaviour disgruntled writers occasionally rant and moan about)

  • When We Allow Criminals to Police Our Speech We Basically Permit Crime to Prevail and Help Prosecute Exposers of Crimes

    People need to increase the range of permissible speech in Free software communities because Free software without free speech is basically a corporate trap, controlled by those looking to crush (or exploit; “just shut up and code for me, for free!”) both programmers and their freedom of expression

  • IRC Proceedings: Saturday, August 29, 2020

    IRC logs for Saturday, August 29, 2020

  • Speech Controls/Tone-Policing in Debian-Private (Before We Had a Code of Conduct Everywhere)

    The very polite “politeness” imposers (focus on words more than underlying substance) as seen in secret mailing lists back in the 1990s

  • Debian (Ian, ex-DPL) Challenges Linus Torvalds on ‘Planned Obsolescence’ (Userspace Lack of Backward Compatibility) and GPLv3 Disdain

    The clip (cropped) isn’t new, but it’s becoming increasingly relevant for a number of different reasons; we’ve narrowed things down to two sets of questions on two topics

  • People Who Truly Love GNU/Linux Don’t Brush Setbacks and Problems Under the Carpet

    We need to talk about threats to Free software and constantly remind ourselves of the attacks on software freedom (otherwise we cannot confront the attackers)

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