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Brac Bank’s Security Leader Offers Implementation Insights

B.M. Zahid ul Haque, head, information security at Brac Bank

Implementing deception technology can give banks better visibility of attack threats, says B.M. Zahid ul Haque, head of information security at Brac Bank in Bangladesh, who discusses the bank’s ongoing project to use the technology in its SOC.

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Although deception technology is slowly gaining popularity in Bangladesh, a few banks are still skeptical of the technology. “Eventually hackers might get to know (you have implemented deception technology),” he says. “But before that, hackers need to go through your perimeter that you have set up for them. This is the purpose of deception. Deception will give you information about the attack.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Haque also discusses:

  • How deception technology can be integrated with a SOC;
  • How to deploy an enterprise vulnerability solution;
  • Challenges of deploying SOC without having adequate skill sets.

Haque is head of information security at Brac Bank in Bangladesh. He has more than 17 years of experience. Haque, a member of various national and international committees on cybersecurity, is a frequent speaker at conferences and an author on risk management and cybersecurity topics.

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