The queen of cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH is moving slow but steady, and over the past 24-hours, Ethereum price records an almost one (0.87) percent gain in the past 24-hours.

This was in lieu of the Bitcoin price movement that went over too the moon, i.e., the $10,000 mark twice and fell back down to record losses in the past 24-hours, Coin Market Cap reported.

Ethereum price chart by Trading View

Ethereum price went up with the Bitcoin, although not by the same margin as the king; nevertheless, the cryptocurrency was performing well. The prices fell with the Bitcoin flash crash pretty much at the same time and, despite the drop, have recorded a slight gain.

Ethereum price movement: What to expect?

Ethereum prices went down the hill as soon as the movement started to show weak signs right from the start of the recent rise. Cryptocurrency trader and analyst Alex Clay explain that the cryptocurrency went explain that the rising wedge drain on the map was withdrawn soon.

Ethereum price chart 2 Alex Clay - 23 Feb 2020Ethereum price chart by Trading View

Although the movement Clay predicted came down a little slower but Ethereum price is showing the crisis. Clay believes that the price can go as low down as to the $245 mark. However, if Ethereum manages to remain within the current support found at the $265 mark, the tables may turn into the cryptocurrency’s favor soon enough.

Caution is advised as Ethereum moves on while the sell zone still exists. However, the movement is not mature enough to sell in the hops to buy the dip since ETH price is strong at the $260 support.

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