An alert by the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has warned of a COVID-19 themed scam text being sent around, coming from the sender, “GOV”, and more could be on the way.

The text alerts the recipient with a notice that they have received a message in regards to the “COVID-19 safetyline” about symptoms and where to get tested in their local area, as well as a link at the end of the message.

The ACSC has warned that clicking the link may install malicious software on Android devices, with Clive Reeves, deputy chief information security officer at Telstra, which has jumped in to help shut down the scam, claiming it will prompt users to check a box allowing for the device to install applications from unknown sources.

Meanwhile, non-Android phones would be directed to a Government website.

Reeves said that Telstra has blocked the domain, as has Google through its Google Safe Browsing Initiative, but warned there is a possibility of copycat domains surfacing with the same malicious content. 

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