Okay so this started about a month ago, I had my router logs on my phone while I was playing games and saw a ddos attack , Im Not the best at network security so I had to google what was happening , Anyways the hackers got though rootkitted my pc , and took over legit windows apps , formatt after formatt and trying all the virus / malware remover nothing can detect it , even tried all the rescue disk from majority of the companys who makes them , nothing could detect it , only gmer gives me hits but I can’t delete any of them, and the scan will make the pc crash before it even finishes, I tried to take the infected hard drive out and put in a new fresh one , but my motherboard has been rootkitted aswell and will Not let me formatt and install windows , only when I put the infected HD back in it will boot, they installed there backdoors onto my router aswell, even after flash after flash and restore , I can’t get rid of there firmware , 300 active connections after a firmware flash, I downloaded the botnetters config file for my from my router (it’s coded in Chinese and something else), I even got a whole new cheap pc setup and new routers with open VPN configed into the router , took them a day to get in. I reilised he was using my neighbours router to get it , sometimes when I turn on my wifi I can seee 10-15 of my neighbours router on my list all with the same signal strength and is all using the 20mhz range, I’ve been trying to fix my pc , but they always know what I’m about to do and I can’t get the virus / malware to detect anything , I’ve been battling them for a while now , I have to use my phone to download programs and everything I need to fix this mess, as soon as I go online on my phone , he starts attacking me with my neighbours routers my phone Lags and it just stalls and my phone gets hot , I have to always prepare the files for download and disconnect my self from the internet when it gets out of hand , even all my android devices has been compormised , he linked 30 or so system apps into one, and they spoofing legit servers to send me payloads of malware using all the android apps I have. When I go offline he starts using my neighbours router to send me payloads , he was using with port 80 443 5470 when I’m not on the net, the only way to block his attacks was with no root firewall app, it blocks every single app from going online, and I can see his 30 in one command list , after I got no root he cannnot send his payloads no more, iPhone seems to handle better , they been trying to get into my parents apple device , so far they only hacked into my mothers iCloud and I had to reset her phone , they managed to install google app and iTunes on my router , I have the source page logs ; google app site from china , and he installed the ASUS router apps for google and iTunes ; I think he was planning to completely take over my parents apple device lucky I read the logs and quickly shut down my router and tried to reflash after reflash there backdoor is still there , 300 active connections after a full reboot with no wan plugged it I’m the only person in my neighbourhood that knows what’s going on, they have been harassing me hard, they even locked my phone and infected my dads smart tv, from what I’ve seen and experienced, these guys are reallly really good, even when the phones off , they are still controlling it , I remember going into recovery mode and went into the logs on the android , and seeen his commands , one of it was discharge the ram and put the battery percent up… even the adriod system thing popped up and said what he doing is illegal , I went to my sisters house to check her tcp ports on her husbands pc , he was a zombie aswell and same with his neighbours , even his cousin came over , and he had a android aswell , I told him to download noroot and he was a zombie to, this botnet jumps though wifi , even if your phone says wifi is off , they are still using it , this one time I was playing on my parents Ipad I went to Bluetooth and saw 10 Bluetooth devices all connected to Each other , they have been Harrasing me for a month, all of wifi enabled devices has been infected , when try to fix anything they start sending me payloads from my neighbours , I don’t know what else I can do , non of my neighbours know what’s going on, I think I’m the only one in my neighbourhood that knows so they harassing me like no tomorrow , I had have so many sleepless nights trying to fix anything so I don’t get bored , all I have left to use is a tv with no wifi and a DVD player , please I really need advice , I’m noob at networking and tried all that i can to not be a zombie , please someone give me advice :’( , I haven’t done wrong to no one and just want to be left alone , I think the group was called dark nexus , my brother in laws cousin knew more about network security than me and researched it and told me it was the dark nexus group

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