Ok so after I clicked an exploit link my computer was effed, So I paid someone from Fiverr to get into my comp, my network, totally scrub out the drive infected and that worked. I did that and was FruitFull as I’ll say to refer to my first forum replies on this forum.
Ok so, now the problem I’m facing, and its a big one. I’m going to post a link eventually do not download the ISO unless you are knowledgable on RATS and Viruses…

So, having an older UEFI motherboard and in specific (F2A88xm – D3h MOBO) And a 7870k A10 Black Edition Core. I figured its a dirty sin these computer companies make it soo we cannot update our older uefi Systems to NVME drives. You would think getting a M.2 NVME PCIE adapter should be enough… Well it’s not. In order  to get a NVME drive to boot and load a OS on your older UEFI mobo, you have to flash your MOBO BIOS, and flashing I did.. I was proud of myself. During this Corona lockdown I have lived more, learned more than in the past 15 years of my life, I suffer badly from ADHD and finally took it upon myself to get treated with Adderall, which ADHD is a developmental disorder actually, it’s why im 34 yet look 23. It’s why my Wisdom teeth just started coming down this year and in quite a bit of pain. It’s the reason for alot of things wrong and right with me, like being able when I street fight to catch punches cause I see things slower that a real fast and it’s from Nor-Epinephrine. ADHD is a trauma based disorder, ADD is when you’re born with it. My mother also has it but, she was born with the ADHD. I know it seems crazy, it’s not. Shes 69, again looks only 50, acts it. Neway, when my grandmother was pregnant with her she got shock treatment. So my mom came out real ancy. Neway, I’m explaining this cause it’s really hard for me to learn, In fact, I dropped out in the 9th grade cause of the degree of difficulty I had to face everyday. Now I’m actually going back to school due to medication. I do believe ADHD is over diagnosed, I however believe the 7 diagnosis from 4 doctors and 3 schools on my part is true, and unless if these people/kids dont act like me ( super quick witted, some things I can’t understand, the rest I can and process the info fast). Yea but just explaining it’s hard for me to follow direction and pay attention.
The Problem 
Ok now back to the Problem. So I bought a PCIE m.2 converter from Amazon, it worked, however I needed to flash my Bios. did that. And my goodness. I loaded an OS if you ever want to see a 3.4 gb file of Windows 10 Pro setup the whole process from start to finish in under 5 minutes, use a NVME drive. I was forreal missing out, I need it for career reasons, (Music Video Production, Free Lancer Work involving Music Video Editing, and overall music production yada yada yada). The reason I have a problem now is because I got greedy. My friend (now former friend) suggest I use Oprekin.com Lite Windows 10 Pro ISO. And I said that this websites ISO’s are safe. They prove not to be. I wanted my Windows experience to be even faster, When you get writing speed of 2200mb per second, you get a taste for power. And I got that taste, so yesterday early in the morning, I got my jump drive I bought from Rite AID (SANDISK GLIDE 2 16gb) for 20$ they are overpricing, neway I continue to digress. I chose 
hxxxs://oprekin.com/threads/windows-10-pro-1909-753-lite.17 hxxxs://oprekin.com/threads/windows-10-pro-1909-753-lite.17 < that. I loaded it onto my Jump Drive Via Rufus.   Mod Edit:  Disabled potentially malicious link – Hamluis.

here is me now recreating the problem in Text. 
STep 1. I loaded this ISO hxxxs://oprekin.com/threads/windows-10-pro-1909-753-lite.17 hxxxs://oprekin.com/threads/windows-10-pro-1909-753-lite.17 onto jump drive.
Step 2. I installed the ISO, then it got to a failed installation screen asking me to press F8, F9 Or enter. No matter how many times I did it would not do anything. I believe it deleted the driver needed for me to load NVME on UEFI, and alot of other stuff.
Step 3. I said to myself I (I need a working Computer) So Installed my OLD SSD and installed this OPREKIN.com Windows 10 Pro Lite as per my former friends suggestion….
Step 4. The ISO installed and boy is this Windows 10 Pro trash, Trash to the point Search function in Windows isn’t even capable. Nothing, and Im not talking the search function is ticked as off, you can’t search Start, nothing, despite being only 1gb in ISO size it unpacked 4GB of info. I said to myself (Holy bleep this blows. Let me get my Other ISO onto this Jump Drive.
Step 5. Loaded Rufus up with Version of Windows 10 Pro I loaded onto The NVME drive to begin with, to install on this SSD to atleast have a computer…………
This is where the problem begins… I can’t it either comes up as Read Disk Error when I set it to Jump Drive USB….
Step 6 The hard drives I connected to this Motherboard will not work, I cannot install any other version of Windows 10 Pro, real (from windows) or other wise. (So we’re at 2 hard drives that I believe are permanently scarred as some sort of virus is in the mobo and bios)
Step 7 I have another machine HP COMPAQ PRO 6005 I take hard drive out and put it in 120 GB SSD I had spare, same problem……… Cannot load again into this COMP (f2a88xm D3H) 
Step 8 I burn 2 DVD’s with working instances of Windows 10 Pro Full versions 1 bootleg ( that I know works ) and another (that I know works) Same Error which I’m posting a picture of….Attached File
 Not working.jpg   7.65KB
Step 9 I reinstall non Bios Flashed F9 for F2A88xm D3h same error, can’t install any other instances of windows other than this piece of Garbage oprekin.com
Step 10 Call brother inlaw to let me borrow His Windows 10 Disc Pro (real) < that Not Working Jpg is a picture from that Windows disc……..
Step 11 I reinstall Oprekin’s Windows 10 Pro Light.Lets me….. Any Other Windows 10 Disc including real, won’t let me….
Step 12 Trying to reformat and scrub the jump drive, it lets me install windows 10 onto other computers, but I believe this jump drive is permanently scarred….. Or It’s the MOBO. I have no clue how to flash a MotherBoard bios….
Any help would be appreciated. I have projects due and not that much money to spend for a new system. I’m extremely sad. If any one of you can glance over that ISO and tell me if it has things in it to permanently trash your mother board, cause after 2 machines and 3 HD”s none work without his version of Windows… It makes me angry, That Friend I got the info from I blocked on Facebook I’m thinking he knew it was an Rat infested ISO. And my NVME will not work and they helped me flash my bios https://www.win-raid.com/t871f50-Guide-How-to-get-full-NVMe-support-for-all-Systems-with-an-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html
So i post on oprekin.com That what’s going on with hardware, immediately, my post is deleted. That site should not be up regardless….. I own a news website http://justforthenews.com http://justforthenews.com if anyone here can give me just a hint that there’s something malicious in that ISO I will devote the rest of my life to making sure not a effing soul downloads that IS. I’m telling you it permanently scars your motherboard to not use any kind of other Operating System. I think its even deeper than a BIOS virus, it’s gotta be a Virus somewhere even more discrete. Cause a Windows 10 disc for 90 wont work on the HD SSD drives…….
Any help will be appreciated……..

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