More than an acronym. The IT world is justly famous for creating meaningful new acronyms. If I could make a 2021 prediction, it will be that we will all be talking a lot about the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) this year. A distributed workforce with a decentralized infrastructure needs a different security posture as part of that architecture.

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Is your business effected by Cyber Crime?

If a cyber crime or cyber attack happens to you, you need to respond quickly. Cyber crime in its several formats such as online identity theft, financial fraud, stalking, bullying, hacking, e-mail fraud, email spoofing, invoice fraud, email scams, banking scam, CEO fraud. Cyber fraud can lead to major disruption and financial disasters. Contact Digitpol’s hotlines or respond to us online.

Digitpol’s Cyber Crime Investigation Unit provides investigative support to victims of cyber crimes. Digitpol is available 24/7.

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