• A photograph that is right for the website can be wrong for social media | Elisabeth Ribbans

    Serious thought is given to publishing troubling images, of death or distress for example, but even then context is keyOn the morning after the Streatham terror attack, the Guardian’s print edition carried a single-column photograph of the perpetrator, Sudesh Amman, at the bottom of the front page. The main image showed armed police at the incident. Later in the day, an online reader contacted me to express concern at the prominence given to the attacker; in fact,she thought that he should

  • Mary-Lou McDonald: violent dissident republicans should disband

    Sinn Féin president’s statement comes after senior party figures were threatened Violent dissident republicans should disband, the Sinn Féin leader has said. Anti-peace process renegades threatened the party’s vice-president, Michelle O’Neill, and veteran policing spokesman Gerry Kelly after they supported a recent recruitment campaign for new Catholic officers.The party’s president, Mary-Lou McDonald, said they would not be deterred or intimidated by the gu

  • DoD Moves to Use Data More Effectively in Decision-Making

    The Defense Department is seeking ways to use data more effectively for improved decision-making on the battlefield and in its business practices, Deputy Defense Secretary David L. Norquist said….

  • Chattanooga Cybersecurity Firm to Double WorkforceA Chattanooga, Tennessee, information technology infrastructure and cybersecurity consulting firm has unveiled an $8m expansion plan that will see its workforce double by 2023.Currently, the Conversant Group operates with 46 employees from its headquarters on Cowart Street. On Monday, the company’s president and chief listening officer, John Anthony Smith, revealed plans to relocate the firm to a new site on Chattanooga’s

  • Report Reveals Worst State for Healthcare Data Breaches in 2019 A report into the spate of data breaches that ripped through America’s healthcare industry last year has revealed that more breaches happened in Texas than in any other state. The “2019 Healthcare Data Breach Report” published yesterday by HIPAA Journal shows that healthcare data breaches involving the exposure of 500 or more records occurred in every state with the exception of North Dakota and Hawaii. The Lone Star State was

  • Alleged Source of Soccer Leaks to Stand Trial The alleged source of a series of information leaks that rocked soccer and sparked an FFP investigation into the finances of Manchester City Football Club is to be tried before a Portuguese court.An appeal lodged by Portuguese national Rui Pinto to have the accusations against him dismissed as “unfounded” was rejected earlier this month by the Lisbon Court of Appeal. The 31-year-old, who has been held in jail since his arrest in March 2019, will now

  • Airbus Helicopters Maintains Global Market Leader Position in 2019

    MARIGNANE, France: Airbus Helicopters logged gross orders for 369 helicopters in 2019 (310 net orders), combined with its support and services revenue, worth more than € 7 billion. The company…

  • Pakistani Navy Commissions New Damen Corvette

    The Pakistan Navy has commissioned a 2300 Tonnes Corvette PNS YARMOOK (F-271) – a Damen OPV 1900 – in a ceremony held at Constanta Port, Romania on 13th February 2020. Attending the event was Vice…

  • US Army researchers pursue Soldier protection technologies

    ADELPHI, Md: When faced with battlefield threats, American Soldiers depend more than ever on body armor to protect them. To adapt to the evolving dangers of getting shot, the Army created a flagship…

  • Hackers could shut down satellites – or turn them into weapons

    Last month, SpaceX became the operator of the world’s largest active satellite constellation. As of the end of January, the company had 242 satellites orbiting the planet with plans to launch…

  • US Army budget request eyes $2B boost for modernization

    The Army proposes to add over $2 billion to its modernization efforts next fiscal year that will help continue to develop hypersonic missiles, future aircraft and combat vehicles. The fiscal year…

  • Biggest jump in world defence spending in 10 years: study

    Global spending on defence rose by four percent in 2019, the largest growth in 10 years, led by big increases from the US and China, a study said Friday. Beijing’s military modernization…

  • Joint military forces kick off Cope North 2020

    ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam: More than 100 aircraft will soar over the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia as U.S. forces, Koku Jieitai (Japan Air…

  • US Senators Point to ‘Hypersonic Gap’ With Russia, China

    U.S. senators are concerned Russia and China may outpace Washington in developing hypersonic weapons. In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday with top defense officials, lawmakers…

  • Russian soldier rolls out tanks for romantic maneuver

    A Russian soldier has pulled out all the stops to propose to his girlfriend, with his fellow officers maneuvering 16 tanks to surround the couple in a heart shape. The high-octane romantic stunt was…

  • Keel Laid for Future USNS Cherokee Nation (T-ATS 7)

    A keel laying ceremony was held Feb. 12 for the future USNS Cherokee Nation (T-ATS 7), the second ship of the Navy’s Navajo class of Towing, Salvage, and Rescue vessels. The ceremony was held…

  • US Education Non-Profit Leaks Data on Thousands of StudentsA US education non-profit appears to have unwittingly leaked the personal information of thousands of students after leaving two online MongoDB databases exposed.The privacy snafu was discovered by noted researcher Bob Diachenko and affected the Institute of International Education (IIE), an organization set up to promote educational and cultural exchanges with other countries.“Although the database itself did not contain documents

  • US Slaps More IP Theft and Sanctions Charges on HuaweiThe US Department of Justice (DoJ) turned the heat up on Huawei on Thursday by filing new charges of racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets.The new charges build on a January 2019 23-count indictment against Huawei, its affiliates and CFO Meng Wanzhou which accused the Chinese firm of conspiracies to break sanctions on Iran and to steal trade secrets from T-Mobile USA, as well as wire fraud and other charges.The latest supers

  • US Chain Rutter’s Hit by POS Malware Dating Back to 2018Rutter’s has become the latest US convenience store chain to suffer a breach of customer card data via Point of Sale (POS) malware.Notified by a third party about potential unauthorized access to cards used at the firm’s locations, it launched an investigation and on January 14 discovered the malware installed on payment processing systems.“The malware searched for track data (which sometimes has the cardholder name

  • Cyber-criminals Lure Victims with Coronavirus Cure Conspiracy TheoriesThreat actors exploiting public interest in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak have baited their phishing traps with a new lure—conspiracy theories about unreleased cures.The new tactic was noted by researchers at Proofpoint, who have been monitoring global malicious activity related to the life-threatening virus in the form of hundreds of thousands of messages. Alongside a flurry of phishing scams that hook vict

  • Report Finds Cybersecurity Issues with US 2020 Census A report looking into the US 2020 Decennial Census has flagged concerns over cybersecurity and questioned whether the personal data collected during the study can be kept private. The US Census Bureau kicked off the 2020 Census count of the population with the enumeration of Alaska in January. However, a report into the ongoing operation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that the bureau faces “significant cybersecur

  • Puerto Rico Government Loses $2.6m in Phishing ScamA Puerto Rican government agency unintentionally gave cyber-criminals $2.6m after being taken in by an email phishing scam.A senior official of the island’s government confirmed that money allocated for remittance payments had been wired by a government agency to what appeared to be a genuine bank account on January 17. It later transpired that the account was fraudulent. The money was transferred by an unsuspecting employee of Puerto

  • #teissLondon2020: Be Aware of Malicious and Non-Malicious Insider BehaviorSpeaking at the TEISS conference in London, ClubCISO chair Dr Jessica Barker said that both non-malicious and malicious insiders can be detected by common behaviors.Displaying ClubCISO’s research from 2019, which showed that non-malicious insiders accounted for 42% of incidents in the last 12 months, and malicious insiders accounted for 18%, Barker said that this is the biggest threat after a malicious external

  • Ukrainian Blackout Malware at Large on Dark WebSophisticated backdoor malware techniques used by state-backed attackers to cripple Ukrainian power stations in 2015 are now being deployed more widely by the black hat community, Venafi has warned.The malware in question targets SSH keys, which are designed to secure remote commands to and communications between machines. As such, they are central to securing cloud workloads, VPN connections, connected IoT devices and more.Compromise of a single SS

  • #teissLondon2020: Blanket Approaches to Security Awareness Efforts Often FailEmployee awareness needs to be holistic, and not use a blanket approach.Speaking on a panel at the TEISS conference in London exploring tailoring security awareness programs to overcome colleagues’ inbuilt biases, business strategist Dr Dave Chatterjee said that benchmarks can be used, and help you to know that if you are talking awareness, whether you are addressing your goals. “At a deeper level, it can con

  • Ransomware Costs May Have Hit $170bn in 2019There were nearly half a million ransomware infections reported globally last year, costing organizations at least $6.3bn in ransom demands alone, according to estimates from Emsisoft.The security vendor analyzed submissions to the ID Ransomware identification service during 2019 and found a total of 452,121 records.However, around half of these were related to a type of ransomware called STOP which is mainly targeted at home users, so i

  • Estée Lauder Database Exposes 440 Million RecordsEstée Lauder is the latest big-name brand to suffer an embarrassing data leak after a researcher discovered 440 million records including plain text emails exposed via an online database.Security Discovery’s Jeremiah Fowler made the discovery on January 30, claiming the non-password protected database exposed a total of 440,336,852 records.It’s unclear how many user emails were exposed, but the cosmetics giant claimed in

  • US Bank Slammed for “Vague and Deceptive” Breach Disclosure American bank Fifth Third has come under fire for sending customers a cryptic breach disclosure letter judged to be “vague and deceptive” by a consumer group.  Fifth Third wrote to customers after discovering that at least two of its employees had stolen customer information and provided it to a third party. Data exposed included names, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, mothers’ maide

  • #teissLondon2020: Supply Chain Challenge Can Be ContainedSpeaking on a panel at the TEISS conference in London on the theme of threats in the supply chain, chair Raef Meeuwisse asked where the supply chain sits in a company’s overall risk.Mike Seeney, head of supply chain information risk at Pinsent Masons, said that it is typically very high, as it is common that you will be breached via social engineering or the supply chain. “In the last few years we have had advances in tech

  • Great Britain at Odds over Police Use of Facial Recognition TechnologyGreat Britain’s three nations are not in agreement over the use of facial recognition technology by police forces.The technology, which can be legally used by police in Wales, was officially introduced by England’s Metropolitan Police Service in East London yesterday, amid a peaceful protest by Big Brother Watch. Use of the technology by English police forces has not been debated in parliament or approved by elected

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