Description of problem:
In Insights the CVE rules provided information to the user which packages were affected and how to redemiate this.

In the Beta (and on 20.Apr in Production) the package information and redemitaion is not available anymore. Instead the user is presented with teh CVE view that is just a list of IDs without information. The user has to clikc on each CVE to get into the details.

This is a huge step back for me as active Insights user. The CVE part is to much of a database and not an end-user focussed tool.

Please think about add the following to the CVE part to make it as user friendly as the previous CVEs in Insights:
- Per CVE in the list of affected systems include resolution information, the RedHat errata number (you know the server OS and if a correctsponding errata is ) that has to be applied
- In the CVE include a summary of the Title instead of just not-user understable 
friendly list of IDs
- In the CVE list include the affected Packages

For me these changes are a key to make the CVE information directly consumable from the UI without having to click on every CVE to go the online redhat-cve-db

Some parts might overlap with in older BZs i created last year, but it is now getting real-world that i must use CVE instead of the user friendly Insigts.

I am open to discuss my findings in usability in a conf call.

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