This is quite annoying to me since when you ask rpm about ownership of a file, you always need to have the -q there. And when the file is not found locally, in past I could just replace rpm -qf with repoquery -qf. 

Steps to Reproduce:
[root@ci-vm-10-0-139-5 ~]# rpm -q yum
[root@ci-vm-10-0-139-5 ~]# repoquery -qf file 

[root@ci-vm-10-0-139-182 ~]# rpm -q yum
[root@ci-vm-10-0-139-182 ~]# repoquery -qf file 
Failed to set locale, defaulting to C.UTF-8
usage: repoquery [-c [config file]] [-q] [-v] [--version]
                 [--installroot [path]] [--nodocs] [--noplugins]
                 [--enableplugin [plugin]] [--disableplugin [plugin]]
                 [--releasever RELEASEVER] [--setopt SETOPTS] [--skip-broken]
                 [-h] [--allowerasing] [-b | --nobest] [-C] [-R [minutes]]
                 [-d [debug level]] [--debugsolver] [--showduplicates]
                 [-e ERRORLEVEL] [--obsoletes]
                 [--rpmverbosity [debug level name]] [-y] [--assumeno]
                 [--enablerepo [repo]] [--disablerepo [repo] | --repo [repo]]
                 [--enable | --disable] [-x [package]]
                 [--disableexcludes [repo]] [--repofrompath [repo,path]]
                 [--noautoremove] [--nogpgcheck] [--color COLOR] [--refresh]
                 [-4] [-6] [--destdir DESTDIR] [--downloadonly]
                 [--comment COMMENT] [--bugfix] [--enhancement] [--newpackage]
                 [--security] [--advisory ADVISORY] [--bz BUGZILLA]
                 [--cve CVES]
                 [--sec-severity {Critical,Important,Moderate,Low}]
                 [--forcearch ARCH]
Command line error: argument -q/--quiet: ignored explicit argument 'f'

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