Report a Cyber Crime

Reporting A Cyber Crime

Reporting a Cyber Crime Online, Digitpol provides cyber crime investigation services for business and private parities when the authorities are not able to assist or have not the instant time to assist. The goal of an investigation by Digitpol is to collect evidence, identify the crime and when possible the attackers, carry out digital forensics on devices that contain evidence and detail a comprehensive report which is then provided to Law Enforcement.

Digitpol provides investigative support, in every case the Police is the first and only priority. Victims of Cyber Crime may only seek support from Digitpol after reporting their case / incident to the local Police and when the Police is not in position to investigate or support the case.

Incident Response Team

If your organization needs immediate assistance regarding a cyber crime, hacking incident a or data breach, you need to report the incident to the nearest Police station and then contact Digitpol for support or call one of the 24/7 Incident Response Hotlines listed below for advise or operational support.

Incident Response Hotlines:

Europe: +31558448040
United Kingdom: +442080899944
Asia: +85239733884


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